Evaluation Of The 2016 Broncos Offseason Road Plan

The conclusion of March and the beginning of April also coincides well with when less attention is paid toward free agency and more attention is paid toward the draft.  I’ll have some thoughts on what steps to consider for the latter likely next week, but for the former I figured that since my 17-point 2016 offseason plan back from February was largely focused on free agency, it would be a good time to review it, to see what I got right and wrong, and what the Broncos may have done right or wrong.

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Evaluating Draft Picks

As we continue our approach to the NFL draft, it’s worth asking ourselves the question of how important it is to hit on every draft pick.

You have some people who are quick to write off any draft pick that doesn’t work out as a bust, even though the rule of thumb with most players selected in the final three rounds is they might not stick around on the roster for very long. Stories like Terrell Davis and Shannon Sharpe are wonderful, but they are the exception, not the rule.

Then there are those who declare that a pick taken in the first three rounds needs to be a starter right away or it’s a busted pick, when not every player may turn out that way. Still others would suggest that the first three rounds are for players you want to be with the team for the bulk of their careers, while forgetting free agency and the salary cap means this isn’t always possible.
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Championship: Denver Broncos March Madness Tournament

So the Final Four games weren’t even close: Terrell Davis and Steve Atwater respectively crushed Shannon Sharpe and Peyton Manning by healthy margins.  So this pits a final game of offense vs. defense.  Will Atwater stop Davis dead in his tracks just like he did to Christian Okoye?  But Davis, of course, could put on his own big hits, though we all know him best for his runs, even in the most adverse of conditions.

So let’s hear it, everyone: who emerges from this tournament as The Greatest Bronco Not Named John Elway Or Pat Bowlen?