Which Teams Might Have Regime Changes?

While we know that the Denver Broncos will need to make some changes to get back to the playoffs next season, the one thing we can take comfort in is that we have a management structure that wants to do better each year, yet is able to get its work done without too much interference from ownership and doesn’t fall into the trap of believing that the glory days will return if they just keep doing what worked before.

That is not the case with many of the teams who have missed the playoffs this season for one reason or another. I wanted to examine some of those teams who are already in the process of making regime changes or who might be mentioned as one that is due for a change. My purpose is here to remind everyone about the roads you don’t want the Broncos to go down and that, while every team needs to evaluate where it’s at regardless of the season outcome, the last things you want to do is go to the far ends of the spectrum, one being “hit the panic button” and the other being “we’ve always done it this way.”
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Midweek Musings: More Thoughts Regarding Broncos Offseason

Obviously, we Bronco fans are disappointed that our favorite team will not go to the playoffs this year. Nick and I have each gone over some of the reasons why things didn’t go the Broncos’ way this season (see here and here) and what should be the focus this offseason (see here and here).

I wanted to go into more detail about the areas the Broncos should address this offseason and address a few points for everyone to remember as we work to address those needs.
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2017 Broncos Offseason Road Map

ADDENDUM (January 16, 2017): This article was written before Gary Kubiak’s retirement.  Please see revisions that have been made to this roadmap in this article.

Suffice to say, I am not happy with writing this annual article in December. Nonetheless, it’s important to get out my opinion on what the Broncos should do in the upcoming months, as the evaluation needs to start right now.

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In 2016, Luck Ran Out On The Broncos

We’ll unfortunately have quite a long time to conduct a belated airing of grievances on what allowed the 2016 Broncos season to unravel, and there’s no doubt improvements in skill and talent must be made.  But at the same time, it’s important to recognize that luck plays a factor in football, acting as a bulwark against overcompensating for identified problems.

It should be accepted that the Broncos got some good luck on their way to a Super Bowl title in 2015. That’s nothing to be embarrassed about: every Super Bowl winner has a few balls bounce their way (often, literally). Similarly, in 2016 that luck was less than favorable for Denver.  This article will aim to sharpen that perception. Continue reading In 2016, Luck Ran Out On The Broncos