Broncos Playoff Standings: 2021 Week 13

It’s been inexcusably too long since the opportunity to bring back this project with viability has come. And yet, here are the Broncos at 6-5, with the same record as the current #7 that they just defeated, and only one game out of first place in the AFC West. It is indeed viable to talk about where the Broncos are in the AFC playoff race.

But for those of you that are more pessimistic about the Broncos’ playoff hopes, unfortunately I would say that projections that only have Denver’s chances in the high 20s–like Football Outsiders or FiveThirtyEight–are likely accurate. Let’s break down the challenges the Broncos face ahead.

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The 2021 Playoff Path For 32 NFL Teams

Since it’s the day before Thanksgiving, it’s that time again to get in the spirit of that holiday, and to look at the paths each team can follow to fulfill their hopes of making the playoffs. Because there are now 17 games in a season, and thus 7 games to go, there is even more hope: all but one team (the Lions) is capable of securing a #1 seed.

And as always, to make this especially sunny for each team, each scenario linked will contain a combination of the highest seed possible for the team in question and/or also inflicting maximum misery upon each team’s division rivals.

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Courtland Sutton and Tim Patrick Contract Details (Preliminary)

Yesterday, Ryan O’Halloran of the Denver Post released some details on the extensions for both Courtland Sutton and Tim Patrick. These details tell us much about the new contracts, and through them, I can take some guesses at some other contract features, with varying levels of confidence. I still cannot square the numbers perfectly on a few aspects, so please consider the contract tables you’ll see below as provisional, and subject to change should more precise information come in.

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