Is The Broncos’ Streak Of Pro Bowl Representation In Jeopardy?

The Broncos have, far and away, the longest streak of seasons in which at least one of their players was originally named to the Pro Bowl. That streak stands at 38 seasons; you have to go all the way back to 1980 to find the last time the Broncos were shut out of the Pro Bowl–and the only reason it did is because Randy Gradishar somehow missed a nod despite being named in both the three seasons prior, and the three seasons after. The Broncos had some close calls in these 38 seasons: only a punter named in 1988, and only the bizarrely great season Brandon Lloyd saving their butts in the disastrous 2010 campaign.

Only three other teams (Cowboys: 1989, Dolphins: 1997, Steelers: 1999) have a streak that goes back into the 20th century, and half of the league has been shut out at least once in the past five seasons.

But amid a 4-8 season in which the Broncos have a lower recognizable talent that’s been healthy, there could be worry that one of the franchise’s most impressive streaks could come at an end in 2019. A sign of this came when not one Bronco led the fan voting at any AFC position as of late November.

Let’s look at the players that could help the Broncos keep this streak going.

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