Rating The Broncos’ Veteran Contracts

As I sat down to examine the veteran contracts the Denver Broncos have given out, I thought about a way to rate contracts that made sense in terms of what’s important to a contract from a team’s perspective.

Obviously, from the player’s perspective, the objective is to get the maximum possible amount of money from the team with the more fully guaranteed money, the better. From a team perspective, it’s not just making sure the team doesn’t give more fully guaranteed money than the player may be worth, but about structuring a deal to be salary cap friendly and not overpaying a player in terms of average salary, even if the player isn’t likely to collect the full amount of the contract.

So I put together a ranking system that takes into account the three most important factors of a contract and weighed them in order of importance. These rankings do not take into account the total sum of the contract because most players will not collect the total sum.

Here is how I scored contracts.
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Top 10 (or so) Draft Prospects By Position

With several celebrity draftniks updating their rankings recently, I thought some readers might be interested in taking a peek at what my composite rankings currently look like. For this particular exercise, I’ll be including only positions that would fill needs I’ve identified for the Broncos.

To lighten things up, I’ll be sticking with the theme established in today’s Orange Overview with Bob’s Beastie Boys joke.  So let’s get it together.

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