Introduction to RPOs: Part 3 (Search, Snag, and Power-Read)


Hello. Hope all is going well. In this article, I will be briefly going over three other RPO concepts that I think will be pretty effective in the near future. Some of these concepts like the Search Concept have averaged over 7 yards per play with teams like Abilene Christian University. Others are just wrinkles that offensive coordinators like to toy with to give defenses an extra look. Whatever they may be, they have proven to be effective and I wouldn’t be surprised if they appeared in the NFL as soon as next year.

The team I am working with currently has toyed with running the Search concept. They have went back and forth on it before somewhat, but not quitely, pulling it out of their playbook. I will introduce it to you now because it is effective if you can install it into your offense. Continue reading Introduction to RPOs: Part 3 (Search, Snag, and Power-Read)

Introduction to RPOs: Part 2 (Stick Draw)


Hello again.

This article will be formatted a lot like the last one in that I will be going through the progressions step-by-step. When I review new concepts in the future, I will not go into as much detail as I think you guys will get my drift. I plan on introducing to you three other concepts (Search, Snag, and the Power-Read) that I think will become really effective in my next article which may come within the next day or the next three days depending on how things shake up on my end of the world.

Today, I will be going over the Stick Draw, the most popular RPO in football. A lot of teams like to run this a lot of different ways. I will be going over the most common way I have seen this RPO run at the collegiate level and the progressions attached to it against both 2 Hi and 1 Hi safety setups. As you will see, there are a multitude of problems when facing a 1 Hi structure. But first, lets get to the basic concept and work our way to it. Continue reading Introduction to RPOs: Part 2 (Stick Draw)

Consistency Key to NFL Disciplinary Policies

The recent revelation that Denver Broncos defensive end Antonio Smith is the subject of a child abuse investigation, and that NFL defensive end Ray McDonald has been arrested for domestic violence for the second time in a year’s span, begs the question as to what the NFL’s role should be in disciplining players for off-field incidents.

I will start by saying that I appreciate Nick generating some discussion about what should be done to discipline players, and I understand where he is coming from when he talks about how the wheels turn slowly in the judicial system, and it doesn’t always get the most satisfactory outcome.
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The Dark Side’s Groping in the Dark for a Stadium

If Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf can stick to her guns, it pretty much guarantees the inevitable departure of the Raiders from her city:

Raiders owner Mark Davis and his colleagues at the NFL might have to wait a long time to hear from Oakland and Alameda County on a plan to help finance a new $900 million stadium.

That’s because elected officials are in no hurry to help the team close a $400 million funding gap, partly because taxpayers in Oakland and Alameda County are still paying millions of dollars a year for the Coliseum renovations that lured the team back in the mid-1990s. And that debt won’t be paid off until 2026.

“That money we’re paying now is general-fund money we could spend on police, parks or libraries,” said Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, who has said she cannot support spending a dime of public funds for a new stadium.

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They’ll GoFundMe Anything These Days

Seattle Seahawks fans are attempting to crowdfund a contract extension for Russell Wilson.

Think about this, if every Seahawks fan donated $1 to this campaign, they’d easily reach the goal and, potentially, provide themselves with much more enjoyment as there will be more money to spend on other players, thus their team will be better. Sounds like a pretty simple investment, just use the money that you would have spent on a beer or two during the season.

Certainly there could be salary cap issues as far as what the NFL considers an appropriate source of revenue, although it’s not going to change much as far as how the Seahawks could structure a deal for Wilson.

With that said, the time it’s taking for Wilson and the Seahawks to agree to an extension likely has more to do with contract details such as contract length, how much money is fully guaranteed, etc. For example: If Wilson wants three years of full guarantees and Seattle won’t give him more than two, only continued negotiations will lead to a new contract, no matter how much is raised through GoFundMe.

Introduction to RPOs: Part 1 (Bolt Concept)


Hello all, hope all is going well. I just got done spending a nice Memorial Day with my family and ate some of the best steak of my life. No joke. My step-dad got a smoker from my mom last Christmas, and he has been cooking up a storm since early March. I can’t remember what type of steak we had, but I hope I can have some more before I have to leave.

I have also been learning a lot of football since the last time I wrote last December. I got the chance to volunteer for a Division I-AA football program in the Western United States and I am absolutely loving it. I get to break down film, fill out team scouting reports, sit in on staff meetings for both offense and defense, watch live practices, and run the occasional errand for the coaching staff. They have even given me some of their apparel for me to wear so I don’t look like a hobo in my ripped up hoodie and torn cargo shorts. Even though it has taken a lot out of my budget and paychecks so far, I am happy with where I am at and am getting the opportunity to learn from those who know a lot more than me about the game.

While it is nice, I am glad that I am currently on leave so I can save up enough money to stay up there for the upcoming season. It gives me a chance to enhance my knowledge of the game the way that I want to and I have enough time to write about what I have learned thus far. I am hoping to master every subject I write about so that if I need to explain it to someone else, I will be able to inform them clearly and directly.

That’s the main reason why when I was approached by Royalwithcheese and David Singer to write for the blog, I thought about it for a short period of time and took it. I felt like this was great developmental work for me and if I get the chance to put my knowledge to the test on pen and paper I can reaffirm what I know and don’t know.

Without further ado, lets get to it. Continue reading Introduction to RPOs: Part 1 (Bolt Concept)

How should the NFL improve its disciplinary system regarding domestic violence?

With the news that Ray McDonald has been cut by the Bears swiftly after he was arrested a second time for an incidence of domestic violence, it’s spurned me to open up a discussion on what the NFL in general should do about disciplining such actions—especially since this could ensnare the Broncos soon regarding the ongoing investigation of Antonio Smith. My own thoughts are beyond the fold, and as always, I encourage you to give your own in the comments. Continue reading How should the NFL improve its disciplinary system regarding domestic violence?

Antonio Smith Investigated for Child Abuse

Antonio Smith, who signed with the Broncos as a street free agent this offseason, is being investigated for child abuse. Here is TMZ’s report.

Sources connected to the case tell us … the accuser claims there are multiple incidents dating back to 2010.

We’re told the case was first reported to officials in Colorado back in November — but the case was forwarded to Texas, because that’s where the accuser says the alleged incidents took place.

FYI — Smith played for the Houston Texans from 2009 to 2013.

Mike Klis has a little more information.

Regarding why a case was first reported in Colorado last November, when Smith was with the Raiders last season, that’s hard to say. The Raiders and Broncos did play each other in early November, but that game was in Oakland.

Regardless, this case bears watching.