Introducing The Thin Air Network

Effective July 1, 2022, this site will enter archived status. Please visit the Thin Air Fan Portal at to continue with the same style of discussion. Learn more about the details of the Thin Air Network beyond the fold.

Exactly one month, I talked to you about deciding that I needed to work on an NFL transition. The Thin Air Network is the first step in this transition.

With regard to this site and this community, the most proximate goal is as follows: splitting up fandom of the Broncos and contractual observation of the Broncos. This is what you’ll see at Thin Air Network with the two sites that are currently live, as follows:

  • The Thin Air Fan Portal is…almost exactly the same as this site. As I promised and emphasized, the spirit behind the original Thin Air is going to remain. Starting a new installation of the site will help me clean up a few lingering back end bugs from this installation, but more importantly it will centralize it with the other sites so I can keep code up to date on all at once. Disqus has already been installed there; all that you’ll have to do is change your bookmarks, and continue talking about the Denver Broncos and more, just as usual.
  • Broncos Contracts is where I will exclusively post all my analysis of the contracts agreed on between the Broncos and their players. This site will strive to take as decidedly of a non-fan approach as possible, even while acknowledging whatever favoritism that still may linger in me for this team. I’ve imported all the contractual posts I’ve written on the original Thin Air over to this site. When I publish new articles, I’ll post them over on the Fan Portal where we can discuss.

As I said, this is step one of my transition. You’ll also notice another site that’s yet to go live, and it will be a place where I can collect the general NFL observations I make that are neither Broncos exclusive (those belong on the other two sites) nor contract exclusive (I’ll write those posts on Over The Cap). I’ll share more with you whenever that’s ready. I also have some other ideas beyond that for the Thin Air Network that I will share as appropriate.

I’d like to thank everyone who has read and contributed to this site, and may we continue to read and contribute over at the Fan Portal and the Thin Air Network in general. Go America, and go Broncos.