What The Broncos Need Is To Trust The Run Game

As we know this past Sunday – and from the past two games – the Broncos have struggled offensively, thanks in part (though not exclusively) to the struggles of Trevor Siemian.

Earlier this week, I shared with everyone a good article by Chad Jensen of Mile High Huddle, who wrote about how defenses have noted the issues with Siemian’s approach and, more importantly, that the Broncos abandoned the run in the two games they lost.

A quick check with Pro Football Reference shows that the Broncos had a balanced offense in terms of rushing attempts and passing attempts in their victories over the Chargers, Cowboys and Raiders. But in the losses to the Bills and Giants, the Broncos threw the ball far more times than they ran it.
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The Implausibility Of Officiating Conspiracies

Across many football platforms, I’ve been noticing a recent rise in conspiracy theories involving the officials.  Among them range from a crew being biased in favor or against certain teams, or even some sort of leaguewide conspiracy to tilt the scales in favor of a team for some beautiful Super Bowl story.

I’m not sure how many of these accusations are actually serious, and how many are merely a cathartic release of soreness when things don’t go the way the fan wants. Nonetheless, I’ll join the likes of Mike Florio, Aaron Schatz, and others in pushing back on this narrative, and I’ll do so by going through the steps necessary for these allegations to hold water. Continue reading The Implausibility Of Officiating Conspiracies

Gut Reaction: Denver, We Have A Problem

I know many of you folks here aren’t going to like what I’m here to tell you tonight.

But after watching the Broncos turn in a miserable performance against a Giants team that they were supposed to walk away with a victory over, it’s time to point out where the real problems are with the team.

No, it’s not that the defense has been proven to be a farce (though there were issues tonight). It’s not that the Broncos are snake bitten at the right tackle position (though it’s far from being solved). And it’s not that the Broncos don’t have an explosive playmaker at tight end (though they could use an upgrade — perhaps a healthy Jake Butt can be that guy?)

It starts with the real culprit for tonight’s struggles on offense and that’s the quarterback, Trevor Siemian.
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