It’s Time For Me To Work On A Football Transition

Thin Air will continue as it has, and it always will so long as I have the ability to do so. And by definition, I will always have some role in this site. However, what my role precisely is might change. I can’t say with such precision what that might be: if I knew, by all means I would tell you. But in deep consideration with the confluence of where I am and where the Denver Broncos are, I feel that it is prudent to explore something that’s possibly different, one that I hope will be beneficial.

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2022 Broncos Schedule

Week 1: at Seahawks, 6:20 PM, ESPN (Monday) (per Vic Lombardi)
Week 2: vs. Texans, 2:25 PM, CBS (per the Broncos)
Week 3: vs. 49ers, 6:20 PM, NBC
Week 4: at Raiders, 2:25 PM, CBS
Week 5: vs. Colts, 6:15 PM, Amazon (Thursday)
Week 6: at Chargers, 6:15 PM, ESPN (Monday)
Week 7: vs. Jets, 2:05 PM, CBS
Week 8: “at” Jaguars, (in London), 7:30 AM, ESPN+ (per Sean O’Donnell)
Week 9: Bye
Week 10: at Titans, 11:00 AM, CBS
Week 11: vs. Raiders, 2:05 PM, CBS
Week 12: at Panthers, 11:00 AM, CBS
Week 13: at Ravens, 11:00 AM, CBS
Week 14: vs. Chiefs, 6:20 PM, NBC (per Danny Parkins)
Week 15: vs. Cardinals, 2:05 PM, FOX
Week 16: at Rams, 2:30 PM, CBS/Nickelodeon (per the NFL)
Week 17: at Chiefs, 11:00 AM PM, CBS
Week 18: vs. Chargers, 2:25 PM, CBS

Evaluation Of The Reoriented 2022 Broncos Offseason Road Map

At the conclusion of each Broncos season, I pave out a road map as to what my suggestions are to improve the roster. At this time of year, most relevant roster decisions have been made. Thus, as always, it’s a good time to evaluate my road map as compared to what the Broncos actually did, keeping me honest and making sure that I address anything I got wrong.

Of course, this year proved exceptional, as my initial road map was steered in a vastly different direction due to the agreement to trade for Russell Wilson before the 2022 league year started. Therefore, this evaluation is instead on the reoriented road map that was tweaked after the Wilson news broke.

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