Justin Simmons Contract Details

Per Field Yates:

Simmons’s contract table can be found beyond the fold:

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2021 Broncos Offseason Road Map

The Broncos will enter a new era of football leadership, with John Elway moving on to a presidential role with the team for 2021, and hiring a GM that will take over the duties of improving the team.

And that new GM is going to have some pressure to improve immediately, because what has happened recently is simply not Denver Broncos football. Five straight seasons of missing the playoffs. Four straight losing seasons. 29th in DVOA. Swept by the Chiefs for five straight seasons. Swept by the Raiders–the Raiders!–for the first time since the rock bottom season of 2010. This is unacceptable. Yes, injuries and a pandemic have taken their toll. But that should only raise the expectations further for 2021, and expectations should always be high in Denver.

As always, here my annual recommendations on how to turn things around for the positive.

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