The Absurdity Of The Pro Bowl, In Three Starting Lineups

With all Broncos and Panthers focused on a far more important game, and a massive amount of original Pro Bowlers withdrawing (including, to no surprise, every single Patriot), take a look at the lineup you could field from just those players, and then compare it to those of the teams that were drafted from the remaining players. Continue reading The Absurdity Of The Pro Bowl, In Three Starting Lineups

The Chargers Will Stay In San Diego For 2016

Well, this is perhaps a little unexpected at this moment, although this continues to match with how I thought the process might work out using the mindset of an NFL owner.  However, this decision was made after the following agreement was made:

As part of the deal with allowing the Rams to move to Los Angeles, the Chargers have until January of 2017 to exercise their decision to move there as well.  If they decline on the opportunity for good, that gives the Raiders the next shot at LA–and there’s little doubt that they would be as passive about the opportunity…

Offseason Primer: Potential Street Free Agents

After the season is over, I’ll be rolling out some of my thoughts about what the Broncos’ offseason plan should be, but I figured I’d do a preview of sorts by looking at potential street free agents during the 2016 offseason.

This list of players is by no means a list of players the Broncos should consider signing, but is simply a reference point of players whose contracts do not expire after the 2015 NFl season, but could potentially be released.

Always remember that there are tow key differences between an unrestricted free agent and a street free agent. First, a UFA is a player whose deal with his team has expired while an SFA is a player who was cut before his deal expired. Second, teams may sign SFAs without losing out on potential compensatory draft picks, while signing UFAs could impact what comp picks they get.
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Past Super Bowls With Top Defensive Team: What Can We Learn?

Hello, Bronco fans! We’ve had plenty to feel good about the past couple of days, haven’t we? Nobody should ever feel bad that their favorite team made it to the Super Bowl and nobody should ever have to apologize for it.

Honestly, I’m feeling pretty good going into the matchup, not just because I think the Broncos have a better chance to win the game than some people may think, but because their opponent, the Carolina Panthers, is a team I find quite likeable. You had some people who doubted them because they wanted to gravitate to the perennial favorite in the NFC (the Seahawks, of course), the players just like to have fun (seriously, who doesn’t love those guys giving football to the kids in the stands?) and the team owner is like Pat Bowlen in some ways — there are legitimate criticisms to make about him which could apply to any NFL owner, but Jerry Richardson makes the Panthers about the players and coaches and not him (like Bowlen), he doesn’t micromanage (like Bowlen) and he genuinely likes the people who work for him and tries to keep good relationships (like Bowlen).
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Open Thread 1/27/16

With the lead up to the super bowl, I thought it might be worthwhile to have an open thread every day to try and keep things organized, allow more people an easier way to share news and insight that they have, and just encourage more discussion as we enjoy these two weeks leading up to the big game

Let me know your thoughts on if it’s worthwhile that we have one every day.