Open Thread 1/28/16

Use this space to post and discuss any articles you find interesting, or discuss anything in the lead up to the super bowl

I thought I’d share one quick statistic to start the day off.  I’ve heard tons of talk about how this super bowl for the Broncos compares to the last (and there was lots of talk last week with comparisons to the last time the Broncos played the Patriots in the AFC Championship game). However, in super bowl 48, the Broncos had 29 players who played at least 20% of the offensive or defensive snaps.  Only 6 of those players remain with the team (IR or active roster).

They are Peyton Manning, Demaryius Thomas, Louis Vasquez, Malik Jackson, Danny Trevathan, and Sly Williams.   Other Broncos who were on that team but didn’t play much include Andre Caldwell, CJ Anderson, Virgil Green, Brandon Marshall, Kayvon Webster, Britton Colquitt, Aaron Brewer and Matt Prater.

Players who are currently injured but were on the 2013 team include David Bruton, Omar Bolden, and Ryan Clady.

Players who were injured in 2013, but on the current team include Von Miller, Chris Harris, and Derek Wolfe

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