Broncos Extend Brandon McManus

The 2017 Season’s Impact On 2018 Personnel Decisions

We know that with a new football season comes questions about how certain personnel will hold up during the course of the season and the Denver Broncos are no exception. We are curious to see how Trevor Siemian will do in his second season as the starting quarterback, how the offensive line will look this year, how the running backs will hold up and how well the defense plays with some new personnel in the starting lineup.

But this season will also be about evaluating personnel who are either on contracts or tenders that expire after the season or who might be considered for a future extension.

The Broncos enter the season with $12.3M in cap space and are estimated to have $22.9M more in 2018 (Over the Cap’s 2018 estimates don’t include carryover from 2017) and have quite a few decisions to make about potential free agents that may be more significant than you may realize – and there’s at least one that could give the Broncos a more difficult decision than perhaps any free agent decision they’ve faced yet.

No, that isn’t a potential extension for Trevor Siemian (though it will be discussed later on).

But let’s take a look at any decisions that involve either a potential unrestricted free agent, restricted free agent or player entering the final year of his contract.
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Biomechanical Season Preview 2017 (part 1)

Hi guys, I’m still totally swamped (shocker, I know), so I’m breaking my predictions into three parts.  This first section is for the studied RBs in the season opener (plus a bonus entry).  The next part will contain the other studied players from around the league.  And the third part will contain my Broncos analyses, with special emphasis on the QBs. Parts two and three will go up before Sunday’s games start, so that all predictions are posted before the relevant players have begun their seasons.

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Submit Your 2017 NFL Season Predictions

With just one day before the start of the 2017 regular season, it’s time to make your predictions if you so wish.  The Playoff Predictors website always makes it easy to pick all 256 regular season games and all 11 playoff games. So feel free to use it to make your guesses. Once you’re done, copy and paste the URL that changes every time you pick a game into the comments. (Here’s a extremely ridiculous homer example of the URL that will be generated.)

Broncos Expected To Sign Brock Osweiler

The veteran minimum for a player with 5 accrued seasons, as Osweiler has, is $775,000. If Osweiler is on the roster Week 1 and is cut afterward, he would be eligible to claim termination pay on that entire salary if he so chooses, but that would be a small amount on dead money against the Broncos’ cap should that happen.