Roast The Broncos, 2017 Edition

Very soon, Drew Magary will be aiming his annual Why Your Team Sucks series at the Broncos. Before he gets a chance, let’s observe that the best criticism of a team often comes from the fans themselves; those who are able to see through the tint that homers put on, and who are knowledgeable enough about the team to know its flaws even better than non-fans or haters do.

So have at it: here’s your chance to roast the Broncos in the comments. Seeing as that Magary makes his series an annual one, extra credit for those who keep it topical to what’s most recent with the team.

A Reprise Of Thin Air’s Mission

Late in yesterday’s daily thread, we were linked to this piece by Laura Wagner at Deadspin entitled “How SB Nation Profits Off An Army Of Exploited Workers“.¬† It’s a very good read for those of you unfamiliar with how SB Nation operates, but for many of you it may not be a surprise, considering that this site rose from the ashes of It’s All Over, Fat Man!, of which in turn arose from SB Nation’s Broncos blog, Mile High Report.

Due to these relations, and the attention Wagner’s article will likely get in the coming days, I felt it would be appropriate to compare and contrast a few of the aspects brought to light. Continue reading A Reprise Of Thin Air’s Mission

Looking Past A Few Narratives

Every NFL fan looks forward to a new season and, even if they don’t like to show up in person for the preseason games, they watch with interest to see how players are performing and how battles are taking shape, and Broncos fans are no exception.

With Broncos fans, they are coming off a season in which the team fell short of a playoff trip just one season after a Super Bowl trip, so it’s understanding there would be frustration. On top of that, the Broncos struggled offensively between injuries and ineffective players; the latter drawing a lot of attention given that the Broncos signed Donald Stephenson instead of Mitchell Schwartz in free agency, spent a high draft pick on Ty Sambrailo who still wasn’t getting desirable results, and traded up for Paxton Lynch in hopes he would be the quarterback of the future.

During the offseason, we watch as the Broncos make their moves and other teams make theirs and we wonder why the Broncos couldn’t have been more aggressive in certain areas. We hold skepticism over certain signings or draft picks, given John Elway’s recent history with those types of players. And when things play out not as well in the first preseason game as we had hoped, we start to panic.
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My Canton Experience

Our time in Canton¬†was terrific. I had wanted to visit since I was a kid and it was worth the wait. Holding a parade the same weekend was an awful idea, though. The people in from out of town had no interest and the two groups just got in each other’s way. Despite that small misstep, I think the people of Canton did a very nice job in welcoming their huge flood of visitors.

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2017 Broncos Depth Chart Discussion

With the first preseason game against the Bears only three days away, a depth chart should emerge at any time from now until then. Use this thread to express any thoughts you might have about what to expect before the fact. Once the depth chart is released, it will be posted in the body of this thread.

UPDATE – 9:40 AM MT: Per Andrew Mason, the depth chart has been released:

Guess The 2017 Broncos Roster

With training camp starting tomorrow, it’s that time of year to take a guess as to which 53 of the current 90 Broncos will remain so via the active roster, and if you’re feeling ambitious, which 10 will make the practice squad. Submit your guesses in the comments, and back them up with whatever additional information you’d like to submit.

Your guesses may also include players that are known to possibly end up on reserve lists at the beginning of the season. Those players are: Chad Kelly, Jake Butt and Shaquil Barrett on NFI, and Kyle Peko on PUP.