Planning For The Broncos’ 2022 Free Agents

Next offseason, the Broncos will have a high number of unrestricted free agents to address. As of this publication, that stands at 21 players, and I identify 12 of those that could be important to retain beyond 2021. Normally, I would write up examinations of potential extensions for some of these players. This year, however, I believe there is so much uncertainty with nearly all these players that it would not be worthwhile to offer detailed contract examples at this point. Instead, I believe we need, at the very least, to see how these players do in training camp, and perhaps some regular season play as well, before we can get a better idea on what fair future compensation is, for both the team and the player.

Here’s a list of the players in question, and what we should be looking for on the field to help determine their contractual futures in the NFL.

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Biomechanical Re-Reviews: 2019 Early FA

Before the 2021 offseason makes way for training camp and the preseason, it’s time to take a look back at the player reviews of the 2019 season– 2019 being the year that the analytical methodology underlying these reviews began to mature. This first part will focus on the free agent reviews– Kareem Jackson, Bryce Callahan, and Ju’Wuan James. Each review will be posted in full (with a link to the original article at the bottom), followed by commentary based on how each player fared over the past couple seasons.

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Evaluation Of The 2021 Broncos Offseason Road Map

At the conclusion of each Broncos season, I pave out a road map as to what my suggestions are to improve the roster. At this time of year, most relevant roster decisions have been made. Thus, as always, it’s a good time to evaluate my road map as compared to what the Broncos actually did, keeping me honest and making sure that I address anything I got wrong.

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Biomechanical Review: Denver’s 2021 Draft (Part 2)

The second day of Denver’s 2021 draft is where some philosophical differences between the drafting styles of George Paton and John Elway appear to come into focus. While under Elway, the Broncos’ approach to finding late-round value seemed to involve drafting productive players with checkered health histories (Justin Strnad, Netane Muti, Juwann Winfree), under George Paton, the Broncos appear to be targeting quality athletes who, for whatever reason, weren’t always able to produce tremendous results in college or were otherwise overlooked (whether being buried on the depth chart, having holes in their game, a non-football medical issue, etc). And going by the results from this draft, this philosophical shift appears to have been very successful in unearthing late round gems.

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Biomechanical Review: Denver’s 2021 Draft (Part 1)

In 2018, work was completed on a detailed biomechanical model of the human body. This model (and the work done to build it) offers the key building blocks for any biomechanical analysis posted to this site. However, this model was not, in and of itself, enough information to be able to correctly analyze NFL players via video study. It served the raw data– the sort of picture on the front of the puzzle box– that enabled analyses based upon it. But the analytical methods still needed to be developed– the analytical jiggsaw puzzle still needed assembling.

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2021 Broncos Schedule