Large-Scale Trends and the 2018 NFL Draft (part 1)

Ever since I started writing for this site a couple years ago, I’ve been dancing around mentioning a highly-apparent but difficult-to-describe phenomenon.  Simply put, NFL players have been changing dramatically in recent years. What was once a subtle distinction between players has grown to become a hard schism. And in the process, long-time NFL trends/ wisdoms have been overturned.

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Biomechanical Season Preview 2017 (part 1)

Hi guys, I’m still totally swamped (shocker, I know), so I’m breaking my predictions into three parts.  This first section is for the studied RBs in the season opener (plus a bonus entry).  The next part will contain the other studied players from around the league.  And the third part will contain my Broncos analyses, with special emphasis on the QBs. Parts two and three will go up before Sunday’s games start, so that all predictions are posted before the relevant players have begun their seasons.

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2016 Biomechanical Preview

2016 Biomechanical NFL Preview

Hello friends.  It’s become clear that I was a bit hasty in deciding to post biomechanical analyses.  This site is filled with intelligent discerning readers, but without being able to visually represent this stuff, I can’t explain it to anyone’s satisfaction.  I can’t even really post predictions, since each one is a set of complicated if/thens that are dependent on factors I can’t clarify (see my Siemian write-up for an example).

So I’ve boiled down my predictions to a few that can be communicated without biomechanical jargon:

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