2018 Training Camp: Day 11 Report

I arrived to my spot at the top of the Field 2 berm a little later than usual due to massive traffic on southbound Parker Road due to summer construction work. Thankfully, I did not miss any of yesterday’s action, as I arrived just as the players were midway through stretching. The sun beaming down made it much hotter than it actually was.

There were also a lot of individuals in attendance wearing other teams’ gear, including Chiefs, Steelers, and Vikings garb. I could somewhat understand why some Vikings’ fans were in attendance with the upcoming preseason game, but the others either wanted to troll, to scout a 2018 opponent, or legitimately like any professional football that they can witness in person.

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The Worst Football Article of August 2018

The distinction worst football article of August 2018 is an important one. There were hundreds of worse articles than the misbegotten dreck I’m about to review written just over the last two days, but I’m confident you’re not going to find a worse article about football.

Rarely do I read anything so bad it inspires a point by point refutation, but Mark Madden’s self-serving hit piece on JuJu Smith-Schuster encouraged me to get my Fisk on this morning.

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A look back at 2016 Roster Cuts

For fun, and to gain perspective, I thought I’d look back at the Broncos training camp cuts with two years of hindsight. Like every year, roster cut downs were a contentious topic, with fan favorites who emerged with strong performances in the preseason who didn’t make the cut.

I went back to our predict the roster competition, and listed everyone who received votes at some point along the way, yet who didn’t make the team. I listed the final # of votes each player received in the final round of voting, shortly before the 4th preseason game (IE 10 of 12 participants thought Sanchez would make the team). I italicized players who made the practice squad, and bolded players who are still in the league

Here’s the In-ThinAir article with our initial 53 man roster, and our initial practice squad.

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