Broncos To Trade Case Keenum To Washington

Coaching: Not an Ironic Hipster Travel Trend

With 6-10 in the rearview mirror and on the eve of tampering-but-not-tampering-but-definitely-illegal-sort-of-free-agency rumor mill, it felt appropriate to take a look back at two of the biggest off-season moves for the Denver Broncos so far:

Here today, gone tomorrow: The firing of Vance Joseph and hiring of Vic Fangio.

Now, I have no intentions of questioning any fan’s God-given right to Monday Morning Quarterback the firing and hiring of these head coaches. If you want to red-ink the crap out of those resumes, go to town. There is merit to all of those qualifications, interview accounts and second fiddle discussions.

Instead, I’m going to tackle the only question that might be older than this coaching staff themselves: Do head coaches really even matter?

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