Watching the Tape: Initial Thoughts on Wilson

Hello all,

In the spirit of getting back into the swing of things, I am going to watch tape of the Seattle Seahawks offense to get an idea on Russell Wilson and his general playstyle, strengths, weaknesses, pre-snap/post-snap adjustments, mobility, tendencies, etc. While I am doing this, I will document everything that I do in preparation for watching film on someone that way you guys can get an idea on how a coach at the level I was at approaches the tape. I have purchased the ‘international’ version of the All-22 film as a workaround to be able to watch the coaches film (Thanks NordVPN). This is important, because I need to be able to see the full picture of the play from start to finish. We need to be able to see everything from the safeties to the RB. Now that I have obtained this, I will go in depth into how this process works for a single player evaluation.

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The Ultimate Cost of Football

This piece is something I decided to write in the few hours I had free yesterday. Non-Broncos related for the curious observer.

A couple of days before our game, I talked to my mentor, who worked with me last year before he was let go by our coaching staff. A former DE coach, he imparted some wisdom for me from his lessons learned as a coach. He was despised by most members of our coaching staff for leaving earlier than them on most nights. They saw him as selfish and lazy. One that was a cancer to the team. I saw something different in him and he had helped me greatly in achieving all that I wanted to achieve in the video world. My perspective was different, but I had also spent the most time with him, much more than the other guys in the office. He told me:

Your family will be there for you, but this game will not. If you leave your team, they will find a replacement the next day. You have to focus on you because you are the only one that will do it. Put yourself and your family first. Family always comes first.

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Heard about the News!

Hey all!

Hope all is well on your side of the world. I heard about the big news and the first thing I did was check this site to see what your guys’ reactions were. What an exciting time to be a fan of the Broncos! I think Russell will be great for the team in the long run and I am glad to see all of you in high spirits.

For those of you that don’t know me, I used to write articles and comment here several years ago. Thanks to Nick, who registered my account through his website and to the community here, I was able to talk football with some great people as I was making my way through a coaching program.

I just wanted to stop by and say a quick ‘hello’ and let you know a couple of things now that I found my password:

1. I was really glad to see a lot of familiar faces when I came back here. I remember back when I was a fan of the Broncos who had a deep passion for the game and a hunger for learning the in-and-out of everything football related. I was quite obsessed with it to be honest. Finding It’s All Over Fat Man and coming over to this site created by Nick was one of the great opportunities I had to talk football with people who are educated, smart, good to each other, and wanted to listen to what my input was. This site provided a truly remarkable avenue for me to grow as a young man finding out what my passion was and diving into it head first. I would have still loved football and still gone onto my career track, don’t get me wrong. But, having people willing to read what I put out and support me in doing so while I was figuring out what I wanted to do in my life was truly formative. I just wanted to say thank you for letting me a part of your community and allowing me to talk football with you guys. I don’t think I ever got around to saying it, so I wanted to make sure I did while I was still here.

2. I am no longer in the football industry (Thanks COVID!). In hindsight, it was mainly my decision. I was a video coordinator for the program I interned for. They paid for my Masters degree and provided me with a good paycheck while I ran all of their film from the coaches film to highlight programs. But, I felt my interest for football decline as the 100+ hour work weeks kept going on during the season and watching my team experience losing season after losing season kind of killed my interest for the game for a little bit. I don’t think I have watched a game of football for three years now as a way to decompress from the sport. In an effort to keep a roof over my head and food on my plate, I decided to join the Navy and am now deployed in Boston working on the USS Constitution, a historical 224 year old frigate. I started from the enlisted side but now, since I came in with a degree, I have an opportunity to serve as an officer and be able to serve in the aviation side of things. I must put the work in, but we will see. Life is pretty good thus far, I don’t have to worry about a lot, except for a certain war in Ukraine. But other than that, I am chugging along.

I still kept most of my knowledge of the game, oddly enough. Whenever I watch snippets of the game on TV, I analyze the offensive formation, know generally the calls I’m hearing. I just have no interest in seeing what happens. That may change here with the sudden, revitalized Denver Broncos now in prime contention to make some noise in the league. I guess I’ll find out when training camp rolls around and see if the my interest piques up like it used to.

If you don’t mind, I would like to join you all for a great next season. Thanks again for all your support when I was writing and commenting my every thought here. I’m glad I was able to have an outlet that some people only dream of having.

Kyle Worden


Recruiting in Football Part I: Principles, Geography, and the SEC


Recruiting is a great way to connect with future prospects. This is a process which allows the coaching staff an opportunity to share with student-athletes their philosophy, goals, educational program, and the student-athlete’s future athletically. Coaches get intimate time with the recruit’s family to discuss their goals and what they can do to achieve them. The student-athlete gets to make his decision with his immediate family around him. Families that would otherwise not be able to afford to send one of their own to a higher educational institution are presented with the opportunity to do so. Recruits get to visit campuses of schools who are interested in them and imagine what kind of life is ahead for them, regardless whether they want the “party” experience or the opportunity to make the most out of their blessings. It is a great process for all involved — when it is done right.

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Some General Thoughts For The Upcoming Season


I have watched some film of the Broncos past season along with the last four games of the San Diego offense and one game from the Miami Dolphins defense. Because of the big change in coaching staff from last year to this upcoming season, it’s more important to note what the current coaching staff did last year then what the previous coaching staff did. This means we have to look at what Mike McCoy, Vance Joseph, and Joe Woods hold true.

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Observations: Kansas City vs Denver (27-30)

Our program had a motto that we lived and died by throughout the year: W.I.N. This is also known as “What Is Next”. When going through adversity or coming out of a difficult loss, keep in mind that you can only control the events that happen after. The Broncos need to put the mistakes behind them and move forward if they are to have a shot at making the playoffs. A playoff berth is the goal going forward. Thinking any farther than that is a distraction.

A short disclaimer before I go forward: I do not know the workings of the Broncos organization. What the coaching staff decides to do going forward is more informed than I ever hope to be. These are merely suggestions and if they decide to go another route, I am sure they will have weighed the options and deemed that their way is better for the health of their team. They are qualified and apt, that is for sure.

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It’s All Orange, Fat Man: 08/19/16 (My Last Open Thread)

Hello guys.

Firstly, I apologize for the lack of communication on my part.

I want to let you know that my laptop took a minor dump (got it fixed obviously) during the first part of fall camp which meant that I needed to find some free time to fix it. I mistakenly assumed that fall camp would operate at the same structure as our in-season schedule. It turned out that we went to our schedule of old (7:30am-10:00pm) and I had to wait until I got some time off in order to get the problem rectified. I could have typed the IAOFM on my phone but, found that way too inconvenient.  I was also losing an hour and a half of sleep on top of that before my problem which affected the detail of my work on the field and in the office. Not good.

Since I have stopped writing the IAOFM, I have corrected a lot of the detail mistakes I have made at work and have more time for myself. I’m building better relationships with my athletes, coaches, and friends. I have basically taken on most of the football operations during camp because my coaches have entrusted me with a lot more duties than I initially thought I would have. All in all, my life is quickly turning into something big and I want to squeeze all of the juice I can out of this orange considering I may not have enough money to make it into a full-time collegiate coach.

Which is why I have made the decision to not post a daily open thread nor a IAOFM during the season. Sure, I could take two minutes of time out of my day to write a header on the top of the page and post it. Honestly though, I’m at that point though where I just want to focus on my job when I leave the house and that’s it. If someone else wants to take over IAOFM duties, I would be ecstatic.

I understand that I led you all to believe that I would be able to do this everyday. It’s not fair of me to say one thing and then do the other. So, I want you to know that when I let you know that when I say I will do something in the future, I will do it. I will get that problem corrected.

This is by no means a goodbye at all. I will still check in on you guys from time to time or maybe post the occasional article after my season concludes. I just do not want to make time to write the IAOFM anymore.

This is also by no means a negative reflection on you guys either. I still think you guys are awesome and I am super-glad that Nick gave me some room to write on his website. It helped me reflect on some of my thoughts about the game and gave me football to interact with when I was doing odd jobs during the summer. Football, if you couldn’t tell, is my song I wake up to in the morning.

You guys are awesome. Don’t you ever forget that. I hope you think the same of me even though I went AWOL the past couple of weeks.