Hello Again!

Hello there. Hope all is going well on your side of the world.

Just wanted to let you guys know that my season has officially ended and I will be visiting you guys from time to time again, maybe posting the occasional article or two.

Our season went well. We had a back-to-back winning season which is the first time that our program has done so since it’s entry into the FCS. The kids played tremendously hard, we had very long nights at the office trying to install our gameplan in. All in all, even though I didn’t get paid for the work I did, I loved working for them for another season. Now that I have put in two seasons of work in without compensation, my focus now will be to get hired for a position within a football program so that I can be around the game for the forseeable future. Until then, I must craigslist some jobs in order to make money while I wait for that opportunity.

I also discovered that being a coach wasn’t really for me anyway. I know right? How could a guy so hell-bent on learning about the game of football and what it has to offer want to get out of the profession he so desperately wanted to get in? To make a long story short, life is incredibly messy and unpredictable and my wants and needs have changed a lot since I came in. I just now want to be around the game I love, not be a part of the recruiting and connection process. In life, we choose the struggles we want to live with. Albeit you will have to choose one struggle or the other considering there is no such thing as an easy life. Which is ultimately for the better.

During our season, I have watched some game film of the Broncos when I had some free time. I am somewhat informed about them as a team and am ready to study them more to get a better idea of who they are. It is clear to me that they have carried the same attitude and philosophy of being “grinders” last year. Hope we get some more of that in the upcoming weeks.

Thank you again for being gracious enough to let me in and I look forward to having discussions with you guys as the season progresses.

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I am a former film coordinator for a FCS school. Currently serving in the Navy. I was glad to be around the game of football and had the chance to learn from a lot of great people. I wouldn't be where I am without the gracious support of my family, coaches, assistants, players, and friends. I also greatly appreciate you guys who take the time to read my stuff and show genuine appreciation. It means a ton! You guys are awesome! Twitter Handle: @FBDubs