They’ll GoFundMe Anything These Days

Seattle Seahawks fans are attempting to crowdfund a contract extension for Russell Wilson.

Think about this, if every Seahawks fan donated $1 to this campaign, they’d easily reach the goal and, potentially, provide themselves with much more enjoyment as there will be more money to spend on other players, thus their team will be better. Sounds like a pretty simple investment, just use the money that you would have spent on a beer or two during the season.

Certainly there could be salary cap issues as far as what the NFL considers an appropriate source of revenue, although it’s not going to change much as far as how the Seahawks could structure a deal for Wilson.

With that said, the time it’s taking for Wilson and the Seahawks to agree to an extension likely has more to do with contract details such as contract length, how much money is fully guaranteed, etc. For example: If Wilson wants three years of full guarantees and Seattle won’t give him more than two, only continued negotiations will lead to a new contract, no matter how much is raised through GoFundMe.

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Bob Morris

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