It’s All Orange, Fat Man: -3/30/16


– The Eagles will hold a private workout with QB Carson Wentz on Wednesday.

– According to a report, the Texans and QB Brian Hoyer will part ways very soon.

– The NFL demanded a retraction of a NYT article that compared the strategies used by the NFL to the strategies used by tobacco companies (Here is the article). Which oddly enough, just confirms their article more than anything else. Mike Florio asked if they would and they NYT told the NFL to go fudge itself. 

– CB Jalen Ramsey considers himself to be the the best player in this year’s draft.

– TE Jared Cook is excited for one reason: he gets to play with a great QB.

–  The Chiefs still stand behind their decision to let LB Justin Houston play in the playoffs.

Former Temple CB Tavon Young will work out for four teams and visit two.


– Mike Florio argues that given the harsh realities of playing the sport, the NFL should have a salary floor of $1 million per year.

– Pete Carroll says that Gus Bradley’s Jacksonville Jaguars are going to surprise a lot of people this year.

– Greg Gabriel breaks down his Top 5 CBs in the draft.

Robert Klemko is working behind the scenes of the Rams move and all of the complexities that go with it.

– Sam Monson thinks that the Titans will surprise everyone with their first pick in the draft by selecting DE DeForest Buckner.

– John Breitenbach breaks down the Alabama draft class for this year.

– Here are the Top 10 offensive players to hit free agency next year according to PFF.

– Chase Stuart calculates the adjusted value of every team’s average age and then ranks them accordingly.


– The Judge will keep the Manning reference in the lawsuit, she will not transfer the case.

– Chris Harris was a little irked by LaDanian Tomlinson’s comment that there are no shutdown corners in the league.

Silent Death Sounds Shenanigans

– Every time Von Miller farts in front of his dance partner, he has to pay her a $100 fine.


“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” – John Wooden

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