It’s All Orange, Fat Man: 03/29/16


– The Texans will bring back RFA CB A.J Bouye.

– Just in case you were wondering, the 40 yard dash have no impact on the draft stock for T’s.

– With his new paycheck earnings from the Dolphins, DT Ndamukong Suh has bought several real estate properties as an aspiring real-estate mogul.

– The Dolphins, suddenly desperate at RB, bring in RB Arian Foster for a visit. Just don’t be surprised if they don’t sign him though.

– Consenus first overall pick T Laremy Tunsil will not be running the 40 anytime soon, like it matters, because of a hamstring injury.

– Roger Goodell’s initial comments regarding the ejection rule was more of an ‘answering the question’ than it was a ‘serious suggestion’.

– The Packers are looking for RB’s and they are interested in former Denver RB Ronnie Hillman.

– As mentioned earlier yesterday: The Packers have signed TE Jared Cook (who by the way, they also tried to trade for earlier), the Saints have signed DT Nick Fairley, and the Panthers have signed CB Brandon Boykin.

– Prospect DE Robert Nkemdiche answered some questions about his character issues during Ole Miss’ pro day.

– Art Briles, RGIII’s former coach, told a reporter that he is desperate to make his next situation work with the Browns. 


– John Clayton goes over the best remaining free agents in the NFL.

– Bill Barnwell analyzes the contract situation in Indy between Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts.

– Matt Bowen argues that top draft prospects should always aces their pro days. And that is because the grind the NFL combine has does not compare to the grind of a pro day.

– Sheil Kapadia explains why the relationship between Seahawks GM John Schneider and HC Pete Carroll works.

– PFF Analysts debate whether RB Ezekiel Elliot is a Top 10 draft pick.

– Mike Renner predicts where the Top 8 remaining free agents will go.

– A guest of Chase Stuart’s website posts YPC leaders at 180/200/220 carries during the NFL season.


– Troy Renck mentions that QB Colin Kaepernick’s recent surgeries have a lot to do with why the Broncos are being cautious about trying to obtain the QB.

– Jeff Legwold reminds the fanbase that the Broncos have won the title and now they have to deal with the hangover that comes with it.

– As mentioned in the comments by someone yesterday, the Broncos will bring in two prospects on pre-draft visits.

Shakin’ Noggin’ Syndrome Shenanigans

– LB Deandre Levy took a shot at Jim Irsay’s comments regarding CTE via Instagram post. Jim Irsay commented that head injuries in football are similar to taking aspirin.

– According to David Chao, the NFL should let the CTE issue go and admit that it is connected to football.

– More owners of the NFL also dispute Jeff Miller’s claims that CTE and football are tied together.

– On a separate note, I do not agree with the opinions of some owners that believe CTE is not linked to the sport of football. This being said, no one should be surprised these are their viewpoints. They are old guys who bought/inherited football teams when guys like Steve Atwater, Jack Lambert, Chuck Noll, and Derrick Thomas were delivering blows to the head more than they were tackling guys and it was considered okay, if not awesome. Of course they aren’t going to have “progressive” viewpoints on these issues. They were born in a different time.

– I will also add that the most recent president of the AFCA, Tommy Tuberville, also a former head coach for the University of Cincinnati, gave a speech at the American Football Coaches Association Convention in Texas last January. I attended his speech more or less because it was a precursor to Steve Spurrier’s speech that occurred directly after his and if you know Steve Spurrier from his time on ESPN, he is very entertaining to listen to. Anyway, Coach Tuberville spoke for the first five minutes about how great it is to be a coach and what great work we are all doing which was basically, typical crowd-pandering stuff that people would notice more if he didn’t mention it at all. I get it. After that though, he said something that caught my attention: He began to passionately argue that the media is trying to blow up injuries, specifically ones that happen to the head, because they want to destroy the game of football and then he reiterated that the injuries that happen in football are no different than any other sport. He then brought a guy up who was he founder for a support program for athletes with permanent disabilities (can’t remember what it was) and he started off his speech very awkwardly by telling us that he is not in support of the media’s agenda to ruin football.

Take with that what you will, I don’t support those ideas either. Safety is one of the requirements when coaching athletes and it would be hard for me to not take head related injuries into consideration for my player’s well-being. Just be let it known that coaches, especially older ones, are really having a hard time accepting that head related injuries and football are directly connected.

If it makes you feel any better though, athletic trainers are first and foremost responsible for whether athletes get to take the field or not at the high school level all the way up to the pro level. If the trainer says the player cannot play, he cannot play. Coaches that try to circumvent the issue by bullying or coercing such trainers are liable for gross negligence. The athletic trainers are the first and last call on player health.


“Life is really simple but we insist on making it complicated – Confucius

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