It’s All Orange, Fat Man: 03/26/16

NFL News

LB Courtney Upshaw will sign with the Falcons per report. Confirmed.

– Due to a team vs team brawl in 2015, the Cowboys and the Rams will not scrimmage each other in 2016.

– QB Christian Hackenberg, when asked about his struggles in Penn State, blamed his coach James Franklin according to seperate sources from two seperate teams.

The Rams are being sued over the property rights for their practice facility in St Louis. According to the lease the bought back in 1995, they now have the ability to buy the facility for exactly one dollar. However, the company called the Edward Jones Dome Authority owns the land (who has been leasing it to the Rams) and currently wants to sell it for $19 million. Per Florio, “The lawsuit is intended to obtain a ruling that the term in the lease should be rejected.”

– Roger Goodell isn’t ruling out Las Vegas as a potential replacement home for the Raiders. This could be because the Raiders rent to play at The Dumpster has raised by $2.5 million from 2015 to 2016.

– Sean Payton has no problem with his QB Drew Brees trying to use leverage to stay on with the New Orleans Saints.

– Chip Kelly talked up QB Blaine Gabbert today.

– The NFL realizes that the referees aren’t inclined to eject players with the institution of their “yellow card” rule.

– The Patriots sign WR Nate Washington to a one-year deal worth $1 million.

S Rashad Johnson signs with the Titans on a one-year deal.

– The Bears resigned S Chris Prosinski to a one-year deal.

– The Steelers signed former Bronco LB Steven Johnson to a one-year deal.

NFL Analysis

– Mike Florio states that Colin Kaepernick’s status will be more clear by March 31st at around 4 pm ET.

– Florio also asks if Andrew Luck could be the first QB to get franchised twice by his team.

– Greg Gabriel breaks down the top 4 edge rushers in the NFL draft.

– National Football Post breaks down possible draft fits for the AFC North.

– Here are all of the free agency grades by PFF so far. The Broncos received a D while the Packers received a C.

– Sam Monson argues that RGIII is not Cleveland’s long-term answer at QB.

– Chase Stuart breaks down the top veteran acquisitions of 2015.


– Joe Ellis commented that even though he questioned Jon Elway’s decisions form time to time, he always trusts John Elway’s gut.

Troy Renck also comments that John is at his best when the clock is ticking down. I was kind of like that on my assignments for school, except I used that statement as an excuse for procrastinating.

– Mike Klis suggests that the Broncos are going to wait out Kaepernick while RGIII departs for the Browns.

Von Miller poked some fun at Tom Brady after Tom Brady poked some fun at himself.


Larry Fitzgerald’s meal by Larry Fitzgerald.


“When you come to a fork in the road, take it” – Yogi Berra

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