Broncos Greatest Games, The Drive wins

As many of you suspected from the beginning, the Drive ultimately won, beating the Patriots AFCCG of last year 11 votes to 7.  As was often said, we are very lucky to be Broncos fans, and have so many great regular season and playoff games to choose from on top of 3 super bowl wins.

Thanks for everyone who participated. I learned a lot of history through this tournament, and enjoyed hearing memories from so many fans.  GO BRONCOS.

Broncos Greatest Game, Final Round

It’s the final round.  We are left with the Broncos dramatic AFC Championship game against the Patriots last year (2 NWE 20-18 01/24/16), and The Drive (1 CLE 23-20 01/11/87).  Even if you haven’t voted yet in this tournament, I’m sure you have an opinion on this one, so cast your vote and give your opinion in the comments.

Broncos greatest games, Round 7

Although only one contest was unanimous, we had no upsets in Round 6, so we are down to the top 4 seeds.  4 games left. Vote in the comments.

1 CLE 23-20 01/11/87

The Drive.  After a 48 yard TD pass by Bernie Kosar, the Broncos found themselves trailing 13-20 in Cleveland, with 5 minutes to go and the ball on their own 2 yard line.  The Cleveland fans were quite rowdy, but Elway did, what he does best.

“I suddenly flashed on something I was thinking about before the game,” Elway said later. “Great quarterbacks make great plays in great games. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?”
Elway marched the team down the field, on a 15 play drive, including a 3rd and 18 conversion, and a 3rd and 2 conversion to get their first first down.  Elway found Jackson from 5 yards out on 3rd and 1 to tie the game at 20. The Broncos would go on to win the game in OT, and send both Elway and Bowlen to their first super bowl. Elway finished 22/38 for 244 yards, with 1 TD and 1 INT, and Sammy Widner had 83 yards rushing.  The Broncos D forced 3 turnovers, including two picks.

HOF write up   Complete Drive on youtube. Continue reading Broncos greatest games, Round 7