It’s All Orange, Fat Man: 07/22/16


J.J Watt sustained a back injury recently and underwent back surgery to remedy the injury. J.J Watt could be out for up to 10 weeks giving the Texans reason to worry. He will start camp on the PUP list.

– According to a source, the Jags are kicking the tires on Greg Hardy seeing if he is worth the locker room troubles. They have no plans to sign him now but, could later down the road if they are in a jam personnel-wise.

–  Packers President and CEO Mark Murphy says he doesn’t know much about the Clay Matthews, Julius Peppers PED investigations.

– Doug Pederson, HC of the Philadelphia Eagles, says his defensive coordinator, Jim Schwartz, has the autonomy to install, operate, administrate, and run his room.

– The Redskins cut LB Adam Hayward.

– Unemployed RB Reggie Bush is still trying to figure out what the best opportunity for him will be going forward.

– Suspended WR Josh Gordon met with the Goddell on a possible reinstatement from the league. It probably went some thing like this:

Josh Gordon: Can I come back into the league?

Roger Goodell: No.

JG: Pretty please?

RG: No.

JG: With a cherry on top?

RG: Get out of my office. Security!

– After seeing Isaiah Crowell get props for visiting the funeral of a slain police officer and donating part of his salary to help out, Ray Rice has gotten in the action and says he will donate his entire salary to domestic violence programs if he can play in the NFL again.

– Bill Belichick is also susceptible to the “It’s about who you know, not what you know” philosophy.

– Adrian Peterson uses boxing gloves and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to help curb his fumbling issues.

– Eugene Monroe confirms that CTE is his main reason for retiring early.


– Rob Demovsky notes that free agency will probably tear apart the Packers OL and they will have to find talent somewhere else.

– Peter King asks if there is anything Roger Goodell can do to save his job off the hunch that the owners are planning to get rid of him.

– Gordon McGuiness breaks down why Michael Bennett is a Top-20 player in the league right now. He also makes the argument that Mark Sanchez can play as well as Manning did last year.

– Sam Monson previews the Cincinatti Bengals which he gives their OL group big props.

– John Kosko previews the Cleveland Browns.

– Cian Fahey breaks down Jameis Winston in the film room. The more I have been reading these, the more I have seen the author make false assumptions about what teams do in the NFL and what the objective of the player is in his assignments. Keep that in mind when you are reading these for yourself.

– Pete Prisco picks out the most underrated player on every NFL roster. He does the same for overrated players as well.


– The AFC West is now the toughest division to play in according to John Breech of CBS Sports.

– According to teammates and coaches, Mark Sanchez is working incredibly hard and taking command of the huddle.

New Bronco addition, DT Phil Taylor, loves his cats. Meow.

– The deadline to place bids for the naming rights to Mile High Stadium have been extended by the stadium.


– Somebody decided to be an knucklehead meanie in a state full of the most polite people you will ever meet.


“It’s all about the process. Take it one task, one hour, one day at a time and you will ultimately be satisfied what is down the road.” – Anonymous

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