The NFL Body – Part 2: Body Fat Percentage


In a recent blog post for the Denver Post, Troy E. Renck is quoted as saying 2016 second round draft pick Adam Gotsis is currently 298 lbs with 10% body fat.  Perpetuation of this quote as fact led me to realize that few people have an understanding of body fat levels, what they look like, and how they apply to athletes.

If you are interested in part one and missed it. Continue reading The NFL Body – Part 2: Body Fat Percentage

The NFL body – Achieving Your Goals


Some of the information below may be contrary to things you have read or heard throughout your life as it relates to fitness and health.  I will be happy to discuss those items with anyone who wants more info or have a friendly debate.  Keep in mind that many of the fitness or health topics you have read in your life are designed for one goal: to sell a product.  So take them with a grain of salt.


Let’s start with a paraphrasing of something John Fox use to say, “It takes a year to get an NFL body”.  To put this into some perspective he is not referring to you or me.  He is referring to a three to five year college player who has just entered the NFL.  In essence, he is saying that it takes a guy who has been weight training in some sort of football aspect since the age of sixteen a year to get an NFL body.

That is a significant amount of training before these individuals enter the NFL.  However, the coaching, dedication, and understanding of that training can vary wildly.  Except in extreme cases, these players are not solely focused on that training.  They have school, social lives, training not related to muscle building and other distractions along the way. Continue reading The NFL body – Achieving Your Goals