It’s All Orange, Fat Man: 07/21/16


– Ryan Fitzpatrick declined to comment on his plans for 2016 at a golf tournament he was attending. He also has not renewed the lease on his home in New Jersey, suggesting he may leave pretty soon.

– Larry Fitzgerald talked up his QB a little bit before teams get into the swing of things next week.

– Jordy Nelson is ahead of schedule on his rehab of his knee after sustaining an ACL injury 11 months ago.

– Jerry Jones is planning to open “The Star”, a ridonculously humongous-sized $1.5 billion practice facility that contains a multiple practice fields, a hotel, and a 12,000 seater field for high school teams to play on. Everything is bigger in Texas.

– RB LaGarette Blount is scratching to stay on the roster in New England. Jimmy Garappolo will also take in the reins on offense despite one Jacoby Brissett being drafted by New England this year in the draft.

– Even though he sustained a torn pectoral muscle, DE Desomand Bryant is “absolutely hopeful” he can return to the field with six or seven games to go.

– Charles Tillman will join the Fox Pregame Show, according to sources.

Eugene Monroe plans to retire pretty shortly.

– The long-controversial doctor Elliot Pellman, known for his interesting views on concussions and CTE probably fueled by his desire to keep a job within the NFL, has been let go.

– The Packers are hoping their new transaction at TE with Jared Cook pans out like they hoped.


– Matt Bowen, former NFL safety, breaks down the art of Charles “Peanut” Tillman’s punch which helped him to force the most fumbles in a 13 year career.

– Bryson Vesnaver previews the Pittsburgh Steelers. He details the Steelers RB unit as the best in the NFL and their defense as sub-par.

– Gordon McGuiness previews the Baltimore Ravens as well. Joe Flacco gets a terrible grade (25th best in league) and McGuiness concludes Flacco was struggling even before his injury.

– McGuiness also makes the case for Sammy Watkins to have a great 2016 season.

– Andrew Potter broke down run defense by the number of backs from the previous season. He found that the Broncos were among the top of the list but, the Jets took the top spot ranking 1st against one-back runs and 2nd against two back runs.

– Here are the starting lineup projections for all 32 teams.


– Sylvester Williams told Bill Polian and Tom Pellissero on Sirius XM radio that Kubiak kind of let them know that he is going to go with Mark Sanchez for the start of the season and go from there. Jeff Legwold kind of, sort of confirmed this by suggesting experience could be key if he wins the starting job.

– Chase Stuart breaks down the Relative Average Net Yars per Attempt of Super Bowl teams like the 2015 Broncos. He concludes that the 1976 Raider were also one of the most inefficient teams to win a Super Bowl.

– Paxton Lynch, officially rated a 74 in Madden, told media, “My mother would be ashamed of me.”

Compete for nose-bleeders at Mile High on July 28th.


– Here is the thrilling, exciting video of Denard Robinson slowly creeping while driving into a pond.

– Odell Beckham Jr. is really not making the situation between him and Josh Norman any easier.

– The police have recommended the person who was allegedly assaulted by Chris Clemons to press charges.


“It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness.” – Lucius Annaeus Seneca

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