Just how long are the odds for Trevor Siemian

Anyone who has been trying to follow the Broncos during this slow period has no doubt heard the Siemian hype, with many fans talking about how he might have a chance to win the starting QB job over Sanchez and Lynch.  Being a numbers guy, I thought I’d take a look at how previous QBs from the late rounds have fared, and start to think about whether Siemian is more or less likely than these odds would suggest.  Using Pro Football Reference’s draft finder and player season finder, it is possible to quickly get a feel for the success rate of QBs drafted at various spots in the draft.

Note that I did not reproduce the tables in this article, I only linked to them on PFR’s website.  I strongly encourage you to click through and view them, and adjust, sort and tinker with the tables as you read through.  It’s a pretty simple interface, but if you have questions or trouble, let me know. Continue reading Just how long are the odds for Trevor Siemian