The Needs Of The Broncos In Approaching The 2016 NFL Draft

With the draft about 4 weeks away and free agency unlikely to change things must further, I felt that it would be handy to list out the positions that the Broncos could be looking to improve upon via draft weekend at the end of April.  Here’s how this analysis will break it down:

  • These needs are not ordered by priority, and that is intentional.  A good GM like John Elway will not lock in on most positions, and will instead take the best player on the board that fits one of the needs on the list.
  • Remember that while the draft takes place from Thursday night to Saturday afternoon, Saturday night into Sunday is just as important for recruiting undrafted rookies.  We know how well the Broncos have done in this category in recent years, so don’t be surprised if some needs are filled in this manner.
  • Finally, I’m breaking down the team’s needs into two categories: present needs, ones that should be met for 2016, and future needs, those that should be met for 2017 and beyond depending on what players the Broncos could be at risk in losing during the next wave of free agency.

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The Complications Of Trading For Colin Kaepernick

Just when it looked like the Colin Kaepernick rumors had died down, Eric Branch of the San Francisco Chronicle fired them up again by reporting that Kaepernick had visited with John Elway last Thursday.  Given that the report includes that the 49ers have given Kaepernick permission to seek a trade, it certainly doesn’t hurt for Elway to open up some dialogue.  However, as I see it there are still several obstacles to be able to make this trade work, so I thought it might be useful to run through what’s in the way of making this trade happen. Continue reading The Complications Of Trading For Colin Kaepernick