It’s All Orange, Fat Man: 04/02/16


– Facebook pulls out of talks to stream NFL games because of a dispute regarding advertising during games.

– Reason #467 why having connections is important as a coach: being related to someone like Andy Reid will likely elevate your position in the Chiefs organization.

S Jimmy Wilson has signed with the Chiefs.

FB Ryan Mueller has signed with the Eagles.

– Chip Kelly stated yesterday that the 49ers offense has everything he needs talent wise.

– 49ers T Anthony Davis may have played April Fools or may have not when he tweeted out that “I’ll be filing for reinstatement with the NFL later this year. Dealing with Trent [Baalke] is giving me a headache.”


– Greg Gabriel breaks down the top safeties in the NFL draft. 

– Wes Huber breaks down the “loaded” draft class of The Ohio State University.

– Ryan A. Smith argues that Eli Manning is on the down slope of his career.

– Jeff Dooley labels his Top 3 fits for T Laremy Tunsil.

– PFF Scouting Reports for the following: S Darian Thompson, S Karl Joseph, S Vonn Bell, C Austin Blythe, LB/S Jeremy Cash, DL Matt Ioannidis, TE Matt Weiser, P Tom Hackett (bad last name for a punter), WR Braxton Miller, FB Daxota Gordon, TE Henry Krieger-Coble, TE Thomas Duarte, WR Nelson Spruce, T Shon Coleman, P Drew Kaser, TE Jake McGee, DT Maliek Collins, WR Jakeem Grant (quickest player I have ever seen), and G Issac Seumalo

– Chase Stuart breaks down the top youngest and oldest passing attacks in NFL history.


– Mike Shanahan says he did not talk to John Elway about QB Robert Griffin III.

– You worst nightmare and/or dream has come true. Marijuna dispensary, Native Roots, have officially inquired about buying the naming rights to the currently named Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

– Andrew Mason previews the 2015 class of safeties.

– NOTE: The Denver Post have been posting video-based content recently. This is fine by them but, just so you guys know, I will never post a link that goes straight to a video. Unless it is written-based content, you won’t see much of them in here.


– Brett Favre didn’t know what “nickel” meant when he was the starter for the Green Bay Packers:

“Now if you don’t know what’s going on, the trick is to act like you do. I’m the starting quarterback and [Mike] Holmgren would be up there and . . . he’s writing “nickel defense is in.” . . . I’m sitting there and thinking ‘I hear this nickel defense all the time and I’m not sure what it is.’”

“Then I’m thrown for a loop when he says ‘Long yardage situation, dime comes in.’ And I’m thinking ‘what the hell is dime?’ . . . but I was afraid to ask, because I’m the starter. So after about our second year, finally I said ‘Ty, I have to ask you a question.’ I said, ‘Ty, what’s a nickel defense?’ He gets real quiet and says, ‘Are you serious?’ I said, ‘Yeah, I’m serious.’ He says, ‘Well, basically they take out a linebacker and bring in a DB.’ I said, ‘That’s it?’ He said, ‘That’s it.’ I said ‘Who gives a sh–?’”

– RB LeVeon Bell made his “retirement” as an April Fools gag and it worked.


“Some people are like clouds…. when they go away, it’s a brighter day.” – Anonymous

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