Well, That Goes Without Saying…

Drew Magary has started his annual series at Deadspin about “Why Your Team Sucks.” Today’s focus is on the Oakland Raiders.

In other words, it’s Drew playing Captain Obvious, ladies and gentlemen.

Drew will do such a writeup on every team, as he has done most past seasons. He’s already covered the Buccaneers, Jaguars and Titans.

Trust me on this: The Bucs writeup is worth it for the Jameis Winston animated gif alone.

Thin Air Tips & Guidelines For Comments & Posts

In here, you can find some suggestions that should help you in creating content for Thin Air and ensure that it is conveyed in a way that is clear and understandable for all readers. As these are just tips and guidelines, rest assured that no one will get in trouble for not always referencing them–the only thing that might happen is that I make a slight format change in a post if it bugs me enough.  And as always, feedback is welcome for any other suggestions for this list.

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Midweek Musings: The Roster Spot Battles As Training Camp Nears

Here we are, a little more than a week away from the start of Denver Broncos training camp. I figured a good topic for this week’s Midweek Musings would be to examine the Broncos’ roster entering training camp and a few things everyone can keep in mind as camp gets underway.

All roster information was taken from the Broncos’ website. I’ll get special teams out of the way first, because we’ve discussed most of them several times before, and then get into the offense and defense.
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Barnwell’s Top 100 Players: The First Part

Grantland’s Bill Barnwell did a good job breaking down why players tend to fall into the same traps that other people do when ranking the best in the NFL, as evidenced by the recent NFL Top 100 Players special.

In the same article linked above, Barnwell has started his own ranking of the best 100 players in the NFL, and has four current Broncos, and one former Bronco in 2014, ranked in the start of his list, including three who were not in the player rankings: Louis Vasquez (81), Chris Harris (62) and Aqib Talib (61).

What he has to say about the Broncos’ cornerbacks is pretty telling about why players can’t always be counted on to effectively evaluate their peers.

I’m not sure how neither of Denver’s Pro Bowl–caliber cornerbacks made it onto the players’ collective ballot, given that this is the best 1-2 combination in the league. The only other corner combo to knock away 15 passes each last year was Cleveland’s duo of Haden and Buster Skrine. The Broncos also ranked among the top five in DVOA against both no. 1 and no. 2 receivers, a group in which they were joined only by the Bengals. While Talib got a mammoth deal from the Broncos in free agency last year, Harris took a deal that had other teams grumbling from the day it was signed.

His ranking of DeMarcus Ware (87) was the same as the players’ vote, and he ranked former Broncos TE Julius Thomas much lower (Barnwell’s ranking is 92, players ranked him 45).

One is free to debate where any player should be ranked on a list, but Barnwell’s criteria seems a bit more on the right track, than player perceptions that tend to be similar to the common fan or media pundit.

Let’s Not Forget The Broncos’ Most Obvious And Needed Cap Casualty

In discussions regarding how the Broncos will fit players like Demaryius Thomas and Von Miller into their budget, most attention has focused upon the big name tickets like DeMarcus Ware, Ryan Clady, and even Peyton Manning as having big cap numbers that may be disposed of come 2016.  But after reading today’s front page article at PFF (link beyond the fold), I am reminded of where the Broncos should really start in cutting away the fat. Continue reading Let’s Not Forget The Broncos’ Most Obvious And Needed Cap Casualty

Revisiting A Possible Von Miller Extension

After some nerve-wracking hours, Broncos fans generally felt quite relieved at the very close of Franchise Tag Deadline Day with Demaryius Thomas agreeing to terms on a long-term extension. I’ve let us all celebrate over that news for a couple of days. But as we move into next week, we do need to now come back to earth a bit.

One of the Broncos’ division rivals just delivered a contract blockbuster that raised the market for one of its own impending stars entering a contract year. When the Chiefs awarded Justin Houston a six-year, $101 million extension, thoughts of who would be next in line for that kind of money should have immediately focused on Von Miller. Continue reading Revisiting A Possible Von Miller Extension

Lindsay Jones: NFLPA may still probe Broncos/Cowboys collusion

Via Jones:

Even though Dez Bryant and Demaryius Thomas signed lucrative long-term contracts just before Wednesday’s deadline for franchise-tagged players to reach multi-year deals this year, the NFL Players Association may still investigate if the Dallas Cowboys and Denver Broncos colluded to set a market for the wide receivers’ contracts, a person with knowledge of the union’s thinking told USA TODAY Sports.

It’s a moot point with direct respect to Thomas and Bryant, who both ultimately agreed to contract terms with the teams in question despite the collusion allegations.  But the NFLPA as a whole may just be eager to get some sort of victory against some of the league’s owners.

Well, There’s Some Trivia For You

Former Denver Broncos and current New York Jets WR Brandon Marshall (not to be confused with Broncos LB Brandon M. Marshall) was answering some questions on Twitter late Thursday night. Most interesting was his answer about who was the best quarterback he played with.

No, it’s not the QB he’s been linked with for most of his career.

“Just bad body.”

Well, yeah, Orton was never gonna make it at Chippendale’s, I’ll grant everyone that.

PFF Continues Its Chris Harris Campaign

Chris Harris: Underrated and Elite

If you looked at cornerback play in the abstract, Chris Harris is playing the best of anybody in the NFL right now. He was the league’s best cover guy in 2014, and did it coming off an ACL injury suffered in the playoffs the year before. That’s staggering. He’s among the league’s more versatile corners, and has no real holes in his game.


We are looking at one of the league’s best cornerbacks – get used to it.

I don’t get worked up over the lack of accolades that Harris gets–I know that the Broncos got a special player regardless.  But it’s still nice to see articles like this, and I’d recommend reading the entire article if you want some more confirmation on Harris’s greatness.