Doc’s Article on Mile High Huddle

Hopefully not lost in all this Deflategate nonsense is an excellent article that Doc wrote for‘s Broncos site, Mile High Huddle. It touches on the increased learning curve for young OLinemen in the NFL. We all love Docs stuff, and he’s been producing great content for Rivals, which, after Thin Air of course, is an excellent Broncos blog. Glad to see that Doc’s back in some capacity.

The Disgrace In DC Continues

As if the Redskins don’t have enough drama to deal with, now there is this via The Big Lead, and propagated further by PFT:

On August 30, Jessica McCloughan [wife of Redskins GM Scot McCloughan] directed this message to [ESPN reporter Dianna] Russini, via “Please tell us how many BJ’S you had to give to get this story. And did they laugh at you before or after?”

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Midweek Musings: The Final Position Battles

Here we are, the final preseason game is upon us. Most roster position battles are finished and all that’s left is to determine who gets the final spots.

Truth be told, most position battles are already decided before training camp even begins. There are the obvious situations (did anyone think for one minute Von Miller or Chris Harris would lose his starting job?) and those in which roles were likely known but a change would have been surprising (Owen Daniels was signed to start at tight end and Shane Ray was drafted to rotate at outside linebacker).

At this point, the question becomes who sticks around as a depth or special teams player. “Special teams” is the important part, because that is where a player can best ensure his chances of making the roster. For example, if a team plans to keep five cornerbacks, four have locked up their spots, you have three remaining CBs who are about even in that department, but one is superior on special teams, that’s the player who makes the final cut.
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Who Is PFF’s Top-Rated 2015 First Round Pick?

You can see for yourself.

23. Denver Broncos: Shane Ray, DE (PFF Grade: +6.2)

Ray has been a force throughout preseason, and is a little unlucky that second-year teammate Shaquil Barrett is stealing his thunder and doing even better. Ray has a sack in each of his last two games and has graded positively against both the run and pass in each preseason outing. He will have to fight for playing time during the season, but could have a real impact as a situational option.

The only point I take exception to is that Ray is a “little unlucky” about Barrett. If anything, it’s every Broncos opponent who is a “little unlucky” to have to contend with multiple pass-rushing threats from a deep Broncos defensive unit.

In The Interest Of Fairness…

…we bring to you Drew Magary’s season preview for the Denver Broncos.

Needless to say, he does provide an unfortunate reminder for Broncos fans.

What else is new? Oh, right! Pat Bowlen’s son is an accused woman beater. And so is Elway’s kid! When the Broncos front office isn’t getting tagged for DUI, it’s dragging you down the stairs by your ponytail.

He also brings the marijuana jokes, as one might expect.