Upcoming Thin Air Series For The 2017 Offseason

With minicamps largely closing today, the NFL will go into even deeper hibernation for several weeks–thus necessitating the need for some new material to pass away the time.

I hope readers enjoyed The Case For The Broncos Ring Of Fame series.  Its conclusion yesterday demonstrates that Peyton Manning, Ed McCaffrey, Al Wilson, and Steve “Greek” Antonopulos should be first in line for the recognition. We shall see if the committee agrees in the future.

Two more series shall follow in this dead zone. The first series, scheduled for June 19-30, is an idea credited to Bryan Anthony Davis of the Steelers’ SB Nation site Behind The Steel Curtain. We will Rate The Hate by choosing our most disliked team in each division in the NFL–and then face off those “winners” (including two from the AFC West) in a final battle.

We’ll take a break from scheduled content during the week of July 4 (but you are always encouraged to write something at any time!) and then from July 10-21 we’ll take a ten part look at what to look for in training camp by the following positions: QB, RB, WR, TE, OL, interior DL, edge rusher, ILB, S, and CB.

Hope that you’ll enjoy!