The Case For The Broncos Ring Of Fame Series

Ed McCaffrey (5/9) • Steve Watson (5/10) • Wade Phillips (5/11) • Joe Collier (5/12) • Peyton Manning (5/15) • Jake Plummer (5/16) • Tyrone Braxton (5/17) • DeMarcus Ware (5/18) • Steve Foley (5/23) • Barney Chavous (5/24) • Al Wilson (5/25) • John Mobley (5/26) • Ryan Clady (5/29) • Mark Schlereth (5/30) • Alex Gibbs (5/31) • John Fox (6/1) • Riley Odoms • (6/2) • Rubin Carter (6/5) • Trevor Pryce (6/6) • Rulon Jones (6/7) • Greg Kragen • (6/8) • Nine closing cases • (6/12)

Finalist ballot (6/14)

Like any measure of historical significance, the Broncos Ring of Fame is subjective.  In recent years, it’s added John Lynch and (just yesterday) Red Miller to its illustrious circles.  Both of those selections, however, have been met with some disagreement on this site.

Thus, as part of a project to help pass along the dead part of the offseason, I thought it would be both fun and educational to make the case for or against other Broncos who are yet to be in the Ring of Fame.  I have about 4-5 names already in my mind, but I would appreciate it if you would nominate whoever you think is appropriate for discussion in the comments.  The only request that I would have is to limit it to players whose case is legitimately debatable. For example, it’s pointless to write an article on Champ Bailey because we all know he’ll get in on the first ballot, as part of a campaign to hopefully do the same for the Pro Football Hall Of Fame.

You may find a list of current Broncos Ring of Famers here for reference.