Thin Air’s 2017 Rate Your Hate Series

NFC East (6/19) • AFC East (6/20) • NFC North (6/21) • AFC North (6/22)
NFC South (6/23) • AFC South (6/26) • NFC West (6/27) • AFC West (6/28)
The Most Hated (6/29)

For most Broncos fans, there are the Broncos and then there are 31 other stinking teams.  However, there is certainly varying levels of dislike among those 31.  Therefore, for the next two weeks Thin Air will take a survey of just how much the Broncos fanbase here hates the rest of the NFL.

Credit to this idea comes from Bryan Anthony Davis of Behind The Steel Curtain, SB Nation’s Steelers website.  Braden Whited of Cincy Jungle, SB Nation’s Bengals site, is also conducting a similar series. (In case you’re curious, among the AFC West the Bengals fans there considerably hate the Broncos the most, while even for the Steelers fans the Broncos edged out the Raiders for most hated.  Apparently one supposed superhuman can tip the balance against an entire decade of hatred.)

As Davis laid out, here’s how it will work: Each day, I’ll set up a poll for a division, and then you choose, for whatever reason you want, which team you hate the most from that division. After all eight divisions are finished, the “winners” (including the top two from the AFC West) will all face off against each other for the title of Thin Air’s Highest Rating Of Hatred.