2019 Training Camp: Day 13 Recap and Report

Day 13 of Denver Broncos’ Training Camp had its ups and downs. There were some dynamic plays, and there were some really sloppy plays. The story of the day was the fight between Emmanuel Sanders and Courtland Sutton, which I did not witness. According to those who were within earshot, Sanders was upset with Sutton for chastising teammates concerning mistakes and sloppiness at practice when Sutton was part of that problem. Allegedly, Sanders also told Sutton that he hasn’t proven himself in the league yet. Most of the players interviewed after practice view the matter as a non-issue.

Concerning the Sanders-Sutton altercation, Vic Fangio said, “Not good. Can’t happen. Shouldn’t happen.” When Brandon Stokley inquired further about whether the dustup was cause for long-term concern, Fangio went on to say, “I don’t think so. As you well know, being an ex-receiver, there’s a bunch of divas in there. . . . Hopefully it’s just a rare episode. If it continues, then it’s a problem.”

For the last third of practice, I had the privilege to meet and sit with the man—Nick—who has made Thin Air possible. Nick was kind enough to show me some photos from his trip to see Pat Bowlen and Champ Bailey enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I am really looking forward to his forthcoming article on his Canton experience. Andrew Mason also gave Nick a shout-out on Twitter for sporting a Ryan Clady jersey to the practice session.

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2019 Training Camp: Day 9 (Stadium Scrimmage) Recap and Report

After a five-year hiatus, I was elated to return to Broncos Field at Mile High to attend this year’s stadium scrimmage. One of the many great attributes of Vic Fangio is how much he appears to appreciate the fans and his sincere desire to gain their support. Fangio described his reasoning for having a stadium scrimmage when the idea was presented to him following his hiring: “Just to go down there. New staff, players—just get in an NFL stadium. That’s a pretty nice stadium down there. Pretty imposing. I think it’s good… It will be good for the young guys.”

One of my best friends, who I had not seen in over six years, accompanied me to the scrimmage. Beforehand, we were able to find a pretty good taco spot just south of 6th Avenue on Federal Boulevard called, La Junta, which should not be confused with the Southeastern Colorado town of the same namesake.

My friend and I arrived in our seats near the 30-yard line on the westside of the stadium about ten minutes before the scrimmage commenced. Aside from some bouts of scorching sun before the shade set in, the weather was cooperative. Thankfully, some ominous skies did not result in any lightning or rain delays like in 2013, which significantly shortened the scrimmage that year.

While I brought a paper pad and pencil to this year’s scrimmage, my observations and details were not as fixed due to catching up with my friend. Nevertheless, here are some notes and thoughts for you to dissect and digest.

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Denver Broncos Hire Vic Fangio as Head Coach

2018 Training Camp: Day 11 Report

I arrived to my spot at the top of the Field 2 berm a little later than usual due to massive traffic on southbound Parker Road due to summer construction work. Thankfully, I did not miss any of yesterday’s action, as I arrived just as the players were midway through stretching. The sun beaming down made it much hotter than it actually was.

There were also a lot of individuals in attendance wearing other teams’ gear, including Chiefs, Steelers, and Vikings garb. I could somewhat understand why some Vikings’ fans were in attendance with the upcoming preseason game, but the others either wanted to troll, to scout a 2018 opponent, or legitimately like any professional football that they can witness in person.

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2018 Training Camp: Day 1 Report

The Denver Broncos held their first 2018 training camp practice this morning. The day started out misty and foggy, but the clouds soon burned off, and the weather warmed.

I had plenty of space at the top of the Field 1 berm adjacent to the section roped off for Broncos’ players family members and friends. I sat next Sam Jones’ parents, his significant other, and other family and friends of his. I was able to congratulate Jones’ parents on seeing their son drafted by his hometown team. It was fun to see them looking for and watching their son in positional drills and team sessions.  Continue reading 2018 Training Camp: Day 1 Report

Is There Hope for Vance Joseph in His Second Season? A Look at Head Coaches with Losing First Seasons Who Were Given Additional Season(s) Since 1978

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2017 Training Camp: Day 9 Report

A training camp record crowd of 7,085 was on hand yesterday for the shortest practice session thus far in 2017. The weather was partly sunny and warm.

On a personal preference note, this was one of the least enjoyable Broncos training camp sessions that I have ever attended. There were too many impatient and inconsiderate fans at camp moving about during the session. I wish the Broncos would return to holding the summer scrimmage at Defunct Corporate Sponsor Field at Mile High. Continue reading 2017 Training Camp: Day 9 Report

Bennett Blames Stafford for JFK’s Assassination

Following the Seattle Seahawks’ controversial victory over the Detroit Lions last night, Seahawks’ defensive end, Michael Bennett, blamed the assassination of John F. Kennedy on Lions’ quarterback, Matthew Stafford. Bennett’s basis? The fact that Stafford grew up in the Dallas, Texas area. Considering that Stafford was born twenty-five years after JFK’s assassination and how many current and former NFL players grew up in Dallas, Bennett’s commentary should be considered one of the most asinine ever uttered by an NFL player.