Bennett Blames Stafford for JFK’s Assassination

Following the Seattle Seahawks’ controversial victory over the Detroit Lions last night, Seahawks’ defensive end, Michael Bennett, blamed the assassination of John F. Kennedy on Lions’ quarterback, Matthew Stafford. Bennett’s basis? The fact that Stafford grew up in the Dallas, Texas area. Considering that Stafford was born twenty-five years after JFK’s assassination and how many current and former NFL players grew up in Dallas, Bennett’s commentary should be considered one of the most asinine ever uttered by an NFL player.

Broncos to Wear Blue Jerseys Twice in 2015

Per Andrew Mason,

The Broncos will wear their blue alternate jerseys for home games against the Green Bay Packers and Oakland Raiders. But in a twist from the last three seasons, the Broncos will break out the white pants with orange stripes for the Packers game on Nov. 1.

Blue thunder: Broncos to break out blue jerseys against Packers, Raiders

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Summer School Scheme Session

Greetings, Broncos fans. The following 2012 Football Outsiders piece by Andy Benoit provides excellent insight and visual analysis as to some of what we can expect from Denver’s 2015 defensive and offensive schemes and units. Film Room: Texans-Broncos.

As has been discussed all offseason, Denver’s offense will be a melded version of what Gary Kubiak and Rick Dennison have implemented previously in Denver, Houston and Baltimore, coupled with what the Broncos have done offensively during the Peyton Manning Era.

Benoit wrote this piece to preview a 2012 matchup between the Denver Broncos and Houston Texans. Ironically, Benoit began this preview as follows:

Longtime Broncos fans may feel hints of déjà vu when they watch their team square off against the Texans this Sunday. Gary Kubiak has molded Houston’s offense into his modern version of the zone-oriented scheme that he helped oversee as Denver’s quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator from 1995 to 2005. Wade Phillips has molded Houston’s defense into a more modern version of the one-gap hybrid scheme that he orchestrated as Denver’s defensive coordinator/head coach from 1989 to 1994.

Additionally, Andrew Mason pointed out that Kubiak has placed added emphasis on special teams play, as Denver’s unit left much to be desired in 2014. Training Camp Preview: Special teams.

The more things change, the more things stay the same. What intrigues you most about the Broncos’ forthcoming defensive, offensive, and special teams schemes and units?


Who Will Be Leaving the AFC West? The Chargers or the Raiders?

Carson Land Deal Closes For Shared Chargers-Raiders Stadium

One day after San Diego officials unveiled a financial plan aimed at keeping the Chargers in town, the team and the Oakland Raiders Tuesday completed a complex land transaction for 157 acres in the Los Angeles suburb of Carson, where they are proposing a joint stadium. Mark Fabiani, the Chargers’ general counsel on stadium issues, told City News Service the transaction “that would enable the Chargers-Raiders joint venture to build an L.A. NFL stadium in Carson has officially closed this morning.”

The Curious Case of Cody Latimer

The Associated Press: Cody Latimer says he learned his lesson from feeble 2014

Looking back, (Cody) Latimer said he just didn’t prepare properly for the pros and tried too hard to please Peyton Manning.

“I’ve got to accept the fact I messed up,” Latimer said. “I wasn’t on my Ps and Qs. I can’t let that happen again. It’s like when you touch a hot stove when you’re a little kid. I’m not going to do that again.”

Latimer would regularly wow everyone as a member of the scout team. But he couldn’t translate that into games because he couldn’t always decipher Manning’s many changes in the play call at the line.

When the season was over, Latimer hit the playbook, the game film, the weight room and the football field with a renewed vigor.

The results are a more chiseled physique, more confidence, and, he insists, a better brain for the game.

“I’m more mentally into it this year,” Latimer said. “I go home and study a lot now. I spend extra time with coaches after practice. In meeting rooms, actually paying attention. Last year, just a mess-up on my part. But this year, I’m making sure I don’t have that same downfall.”

As Latimer alluded to, there may be more reasons why he did not see the field and was often a game day inactive, beyond John Fox’s reluctance to play rookies. Latimer’s sophomore campaign will be an intriguing storyline to follow.

Andrew Mason: Broncos’ D-linemen adjust to new roles on 3-4 line

Broncos’ D-linemen adjust to new roles on 3-4 line

At this point, the Broncos are mixing and matching and learning about potential combinations among  (Sylvester) Williams, (Malik) Jackson, Derek Wolfe, Marvin Austin and newcomers Vance Walker and Antonio Smith.

“Right now, we’re really just playing all over. I’ve been playing the nose and end spot, really both spots,” Williams said. “They’re kind of moving us all around right now and seeing where we all fit in.”

Denver’s defensive line play will be a much talked about issue heading into training camp and the start of the 2015 season. Mainly, do the Broncos have a viable option at nose tackle? Was letting Terrance Knighton leave via free agency the right decision? New Broncos’ defensive line coach, Bill Kollar, can help answer these questions with solid play from 2013 first round draft pick Williams, Austin and rookie Darius Kilgo.