The Curious Case of Cody Latimer

The Associated Press: Cody Latimer says he learned his lesson from feeble 2014

Looking back, (Cody) Latimer said he just didn’t prepare properly for the pros and tried too hard to please Peyton Manning.

“I’ve got to accept the fact I messed up,” Latimer said. “I wasn’t on my Ps and Qs. I can’t let that happen again. It’s like when you touch a hot stove when you’re a little kid. I’m not going to do that again.”

Latimer would regularly wow everyone as a member of the scout team. But he couldn’t translate that into games because he couldn’t always decipher Manning’s many changes in the play call at the line.

When the season was over, Latimer hit the playbook, the game film, the weight room and the football field with a renewed vigor.

The results are a more chiseled physique, more confidence, and, he insists, a better brain for the game.

“I’m more mentally into it this year,” Latimer said. “I go home and study a lot now. I spend extra time with coaches after practice. In meeting rooms, actually paying attention. Last year, just a mess-up on my part. But this year, I’m making sure I don’t have that same downfall.”

As Latimer alluded to, there may be more reasons¬†why he did not see the field and was often a game day inactive,¬†beyond John Fox’s reluctance to play rookies. Latimer’s sophomore campaign will be an intriguing storyline to follow.