The Broncos Need To Look For A Defensive Lineman, Starting Now

The news that Adam Gotsis was arrested related to rape is terrible. No way around it. It’s important to set some factors straight from the onset:

  • Gotsis will have his time under the court of law, and all the protections that are insured under the Constitution.
  • Gotsis is also having his time under the court of public opinion. Comment however you want in that regard, or say nothing if you’re not comfortable yet with commenting.
  • Gotsis may also have his time under the court of the commissioner’s office, with all the trappings that that involves.

The combination of those three factors, however, casts doubt on Gotsis’s reliability to play football for the Broncos, in 2018 and beyond. In a press release, the Broncos say that “take an accusation of this nature very seriously”. If they are, well, serious in that regard, they’ll be doing their due diligence in making sure they account for an absence of Gotsis on their roster, of whatever length. That would also be a significant absence to make up. Gotsis logged more snaps than any other defensive lineman on the Broncos in 2017, at 56.3%.

The timing of the news is fortuitous in only one regard: it broke right before free agency started. The Broncos now have this knowledge before that fast and furious action will officially begin in less than two days, and can adjust those plans accordingly without too much disruption.

The Broncos need not panic at the position. It’s unlikely they could offer too much to free agents with Derek Wolfe already at a high level salary, and the pursuit for a veteran quarterback very much on. Shelby Harris and Zach Kerr also offer reasonable depth at the position. DeMarcus Walker could also emerge as a force in Year 2, just like Gotsis did. The draft may end up being the better place to look after proper research is done on the free agent market.

But the Broncos must immediately take that look. For what it’s worth it, it appears that they are in that market to some extent, though it is unclear as of now whether or not it is related to Gotsis.

  • pubkeeper

    It’s important to note there’ve been no charges filed….yet.

  • Jeremy

    Any legal experts want to way in on the fact that he was arrested, but not charged?

    • bradley

      State of Georgia is weird? Seriously, all I can figure is that they want to put some limits on his freedom while they investigate (which is a shitty thing to do, IMO). I bet they took his passport., for example.

  • bradley

    Unless the accuser has some evidence of physical trauma from an incident that happened 5 years ago, I can’t see this going anywhere.

    • Nick

      I’ll cede to the legal eagles here on details of the court of law. But as I said, I see three “courts” that could potentially be in play here.

      • bradley

        I’m most worried about “… the court of the commissioner’s office…”
        Wasn’t Ezekiel Eliot suspended 6 games without charges being filed?

    • Jeremy

      There could be witnesses. There could be documented communication between Gotsis and the victim. There could be surveillance footage.

      Still early. I don’t think we can jump to any conclusions either way.

  • PiperAR

    I assumed “Denver in market for DL” meant a replacement for Peko.

    • Nick

      That may be the case, but some of the names La Canfora cited (Lotulelei, Richardson) are more likely to play DE than nose tackle.

  • WhoShotBobbyHumphrey

    Wolfe’s health/injury status hasn’t really been ideal, either. We are definitely in the market now, and probably should’ve been before hand.

  • BlackKnigh

    If DeMarcus Walker is able to put on about 20 lbs of muscle and strength – he may push for that spot. He played fairly well in the last game of the season – considering his rookie status. We do need more help there though. It would be nice to get another guy similar to Shelby Harris who can move from DE to DT on passing downs.

  • NorBronco

    Would/should we be interested in Suh who’s expected to be cut by the Dolphins? Maybe not the best guy to bring into our locker room in terms of culture but Joseph has worked with him before so he might know how to handle him?

  • DragonPie

    This is why when I was a kid, my grandma used to always scoff whenever a sports star was called a hero. “They’re just regular people,” She’d say, “They do good and they do bad, but for the most part they haven’t done anything particularly heroic just for playing their sports.”

    Personally, I’d say that Kaepernick is a hero. A few have legitimate claims as heroes, but most don’t. Sure, they may be famous, but they are privileged for their opportunity even if the sport is slowly destroying their health. Adam Gotsis was not the first to be accused of rape, but I had rooted for him and it disappoints me and I’m sorry for what the woman went through in 2013.