It’s All Orange, Fat Man: 05/26/16


– As per the owner meetings in Charlotte, NC, the owners have decided to make a substantial public relations adjustment to their initial response on CTE. They are now going to push the “Mom” button as much as they can to send the message that it’s a game that mothers would endorse. This is known as “Operation Mom”. LB Derrick Morgan says he is dissapointed but not surprised.

– Meanwhile the NFL has yet to interview four players tied to PEDs.

– A former budget and accounting manager for the county of Inglewood, Barbara Ohna, told reporters that the Mayor, James T. Butts, told his employees to falsify financial withholding and create a facade of financial responsibility in order to attract the Rams to LA.

– WR Brandon Mashall is starting to protest the Fitzpatrick situation over in New York. Both Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall are skipping OTAs to show solidarity with QB Ryan Fitzpatrick. 

– QB Drew Brees has applied a due date for the Saints to get a new deal done with him in order to reduce his $30 million dollar cap hit this year.

– RB Arian Foster believes he will need another month to be back to where he was two years ago.

The Browns are still sticking with their first-round pick CB Justin Gilbert. DC Ray Horton told media that everyone is starting with a clean slate this year.

– DE Sheldon Richardson is waiting to hear if he’ll be suspended from the NFL after he resisted arrest last January.

– WR Wes Welker may finally retire after many were concerned about his long-term health.

– QB Tony Romo believes he has four or five more years left in the tank to play football.

– Bills GM Doug Whaley stated he used a poor choice of words when he said the human body is built to withstand the game of football.


– Sam Monson explains the factor that could slow Carson Wentz’s progress. Monson adds that DE Dwight Freeney’s potential impact is still there and Adrian Peterson struggles in pass-game setups.

– Jeremy Fowler believes the Steelers are a 30 point-per-game offense.

– John Breitenbach gives the Bucs a C+ for their off-season. Jordan Plocher gives the Panthers an almost-failing grade for their quiet offseason. Josh Liskiewitz hands the Falcons a C for their off-season.

– Chase Stuart analyzes the career leaders in fourth-quarter/overtime game-winning TD passes. Johnny Unitas still ranks first just ahead of Tom Brady and Brett Favre. John Elway is 20th on that list.


– Peyton Manning will not sue Al Jazeera after they accused him of taking performance enhancing drugs.

– Troy Renck states that now that QB Peyton Manning is gone, the Broncos leader on offense is murky.

– There are currently three Broncos in the NFL’s Top 100 countdown.

T Ty Sambrailo says he’s ready to move inside to G.


“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.” – Buddha

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