Introducing The Rich Text Editor For Comments

Disqus has a lot of positives, but one huge negative has always been the lack of any sort of rich editor controls despite allowing a limited amount of HTML.  So I’ve decided to build a workaround that you should now see at the top of your screen as you scroll through the comments section.

It’s not required to use the Rich Text Editor to comment, and for most posts that just need text and nothing else, you won’t need to use it.  But if you do want to add things like links, blockquotes, or change the style of text, the Rich Text Editor will help you with it, as opposed to the drudgery of having to manually type out HTML.

Here’s how it works.  First, type out the comment in the Rich Text Editor that you want to submit into a Disqus box, including all custom HTML.  Then, click on the “Source Code” button on the far right hand side (the <> button).  A popup will emerge with the HTML made for you.  Copy the code, and paste it in the Disqus box you want to leave a comment in.

At this point, there’s one more extra step you may need to do if you’ve written a longer comment.  Disqus will add extra code to line breaks that you make in the Rich Text Editor.  Therefore, before you submit, you may need to delete those line breaks between the <p> tags before you hit submit, or your comment will spaced out too far.  It may take a bit of practice and editing to get it right.

Remember that with images, videos, and tweets, Disqus already autoformats that for you, so you won’t need the Rich Text Editor for that.