It’s All Orange, Fat Man: 05/21/16


– Add in Robert Kraft to the growing amount of supporters for Las Vegas to have an NFL team.

– Mike Shanahan, when asked about the trade for RGIII, commented that he didn’t think it was very smart at the time. He elaborated further by saying he talked with Dan Snyder about the trade and told him the coaching staff had not seen anything on tape that was worthy of trading away all of that talent.

– RB Arian Foster expects to pass his physical sometime soon.

– The cities of Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Miami will likely host the 2019-2021 Super Bowls. The decision will arrive by Tuesday.

– Raiders sign sixth-rounder LB Cory James out of Colorado State.

– The Panthers add WR Andrew Bonnett and WR Jake McGee.

– The Bills have completed visits with WR Andre Roberts and LB Jamari Lattimore.

– Tom Benson, owner of the New Orleans Pelicans and the New Orleans Saints, when asked how much he wanted to leave his grandchildren, he replied “zero”. When probed further he revealed that his offspring tried to stab him in the back, take his money, and disturbingly tried to kill him.

– The Cowboys want to host the draft in their new buildings located in Frisco, TX by 2018.

– DE Rob Ninkovich considers the first three years of his career to be a moment to undo.


– Todd Archer asks: When will LB Jaylon Smith play?

– Jeremy Fowler asks why teams in the NFL aren’t as smart as the New England Patriots and developing a young QB behind their aging QB. That’s because teams have been doing it. IE. Brock Osweiler and Aaron Rodgers.

– Jeff Dooley breaks down why he thinks LB Myles Garrett could be the best pass-rucher to walk through Texas A&M since Von Miller.

– Chase Stuart analyzes the path QB Drew Brees and QB Tom Brady both took to their currently tied 428 TD passes.

– Tory Renck believes DE Michael Bennett’s comments to Sam Bradford were completely fair and should give Bradford the necessary reality check of playing in the NFL.


– QB Brock Osweiler insists there was no grudge between him and John Elway/Peyton Manning.

– The Denver Broncos Play 60 has partnered up with the Special Olympics and with the National Sports Center for Disabled players (NCSD).

– CB Bradley Roby scrolls through the championship yearbook and tells Troy Renck of the Denver Post that he must find a way to make big plays on the Broncos defense.


– After a fan in Green Bay wrote to complain about how QB Aaron Rodgers hard counts are ruining the Packers’ offense, Rodgers tweeted back a picture that said “You’re literally too stupid to insult.”

– The NCAI says that the most recent poll taken that finds 90% of Native Americans are unoffended by the Redskin name, is irrelevant to the conversation. How?


“The best revenge is massive success.” – Frank Sinatra

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