Denver Broncos March Madness Tournament

Download The Bracket Here

Some of you may not be the biggest college basketball fans.  A few of you may particularly hate people talking about their brackets.  So, why don’t we have a little bit of fun during this season that we can all enjoy, and have a tournament of 64 Denver Broncos greats?

We’ll start the tournament tomorrow (March 21), and conclude it on Tuesday, March 29.  But I’m putting this up right now, so people can check the bracket to make sure I didn’t idiotically leave someone obvious out.  I think I’ve got everyone worthy, but I wouldn’t put it past myself to miss someone that deserves to be in. However, do read the following eligibility guidelines below first.


John Elway and Pat Bowlen are exempted from this tournament.

Come on now, we don’t want this to be completely boring.  Any Denver Broncos tournament that includes Elway and Bowlen will inevitably feature these two against each other in the finals, while they lay waste to all their colleagues past and present.  We all know these are the two greatest Broncos, so this tournament will address question of the third greatest .

Active members are not included in this tournament.

Sincere apologies to Von Miller and Gary Kubiak, if we conduct this tournament again after your careers are done it’ll be highly likely you’ll be serious contenders.

Ring of Famers get automatic berths in the tournament.

They won’t be guaranteed a high seed, but at least they get into the dance.

Hall of Famers and Super Bowl MVPs get automatic #1 seeds.

That means that your four #1 seeds are Shannon Sharpe, Floyd Little, Gary Zimmerman, and Terrell Davis.

The remaining seeds are sorted by postseason honors and tenure with the team.

The first sort is by the sum of Pro Bowl and All Pro awards (for coaches, this is the sum of Super Bowls and AFC Championships), and then the second sort is by the number of years with the team.  With this sorting, you may disagree with some of the seedings that have resulted.  If you do…then good!  I have a few complaints myself. Perhaps there will be a few Cinderellas lurking that can make a run.


I’ll start a thread for each round in the morning of the day listed in the bracket, and accept voting until 10 PM MT on that day. You may vote in one of two ways: you can publicly vote in the comments, or you can privately vote via the contact form.  Since I set this up, I will abstain from voting unless it’s necessary to break a tie.