It’s All Orange, Fat Man: 03/01/16

NFL News

– The KC Chiefs are hoping to resign one of their pass rushers LB Derrick Johnson.

– Donte Whitner, former teammate of Josh Gordon, told a reporter that he hit “rock-bottom” not too long ago and weighed 255 lbs. He believes he can get back on the right track.

– Marshawn Lynch went to Egypt to ride some camels.

– Per league source, the Dolphins are going to decide today whether to put the franchise tag or the transition tag on DE Oliver Vernon.

– The Rooneys are starting to phase out of owning the Steelers.

– The NFL investigated and found that there were no gambling violations on the Gronk Party Cruise™

– Dean Blandino, NFL VP of Officiating, expects no changes to the catch rule this year.

– Steve Smith says he’ll be fine for the start of the regular season.

–  Tom Brady agrees to a two-year extension with the Patriots.

– The Bears put the non-exclusive tag on WR Alshon Jeffery.

– Amid firing his agent mid-negotiation, Janoris Jenkins is now hiring Darelle Revis’ agents to get the deal done.

– The Miami Dolphins sign DL Cleyon Lang.

– Bart Starr was apparently victim of a brutal hazing incident at one point in his playing days at Alabama.

NFL Analysis

– Greg Gabriel, former NFL scout, talks about the importance of the NFL combine for both the scouts and players.

– Dr. David Chao says that the most important medical information comes two months after the combine when the health reports are complete. He also responds to people who said his tweet could cost Jaylon Smith millions of dollars.

– Walter Football has their draft stock report post-combine.

– Frank Schwab ranks the possible free agents.


– Von Miller told media yesterday that he sees the same leadership qualities in Brock as he does in Peyton. He also told them that he wants to be a Bronco forever.

– After stating that Peyton Manning will by the end of the week, Woody Paige and the Denver Post release a report that he will not retire by the end of the week.


– TE Zach Ertz and Julie Johnson, defender for the United States Women’s National Team (soccer) got engaged yesterday afternoon. Here is the proposal.

– JJ Watt also helped a boy out by getting a lady he likes to go with him to prom.


“You must do the things you think you cannot do.” – Eleanor Roosevelt


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