2016 Franchise And Transition Tag Roundup

The deadline for designating players with franchise and transition tags passed at 2 PM MT.  Here is the list of players that have received tenders for such designations:

Franchise Tag
Von Miller Broncos $14,129,000*
Alshon Jeffery Bears $14,599,000
Muhammad Wilkerson Jets $15,701,000
Justin Tucker Ravens $4,572,000
Cordy Glenn Bills $13,706,000
Josh Norman Panthers $13,952,000
Kirk Cousins Redskins $19,953,000
Eric Berry Chiefs $10,806,000
Trumaine Johnson Rams $13,952,000
Transition Tag
Olivier Vernon Dolphins $12,734,000

*Von Miller was given the exclusive version of the franchise tag.  As this is calculated by the top five salaries at his position, we won’t know this answer for sure until after free agency has fleshed out a bit.  $14.129 million should represent the minimum amount he is due.