It’s All Orange, Fat Man: 03/02/16

NFL News

– Former Bronco Terrance Knighton vows to treat the free agency situation better after feeling upset about it the last time.

19 NFL owners are classified as billionaires.

– Jerell Freemen wants to stay with the Colts, but understands if he has to leave.

Rudy Bukich, former Bears QB, has died at the age of 85. RIP.

– In case you missed it, Sam Bradford has received another big contract over two years totaling 2 years, 36 million, 26 million in guarantees.

– Giants co-owner John Mara says that Roger Goodell’s plan to institute a two personal foul-ejection rule won’t be the easiest to implement.

– Tom Coughlin doesn’t agree with the Giant’s decision to move on from him.

– Mason Crosby signs a contract with Green Bay for four years, $16.1 million.

РSteven Ruiz says the Redskins using the tag on Kirk Cousins is a good sign for  fans in DC.

NFL Analysis

– Michael Renner goes over the six free agents that are going to be overpaid this offseason. Brock Osweiler is one of them.

– John Kosko writes that the Jaguars and the Raiders should offer Olivier Vernon some serious dough.

– Eric Eager lists some of the Bears options after tagging Alshon Jeffery yesterday.

– Scott Kacsmar does an analysis on adjusted games lost for the 2015 season.


– The Broncos have announced that they will raise ticket prices so only serial spenders and hedge find managers can afford to go to the game. In all seriousness though, I am glad that the Broncos have a devoted fan base that will pay that kind of money.

– Michael Renner analyzes the three big questions that the Broncos will have to answer in free agency.

– Sam Monson says that Malik Jackson’s future with Denver depends on Peyton Manning.

– The Broncos met with Cal RB Daniel Lasco at the NFL combine.

– Brock Osweiler’s value continues to increase as the law of scarcity takes place.


– Mohammed Sanu proposed to his girlfriend at Wembley Stadium.

– Bob Kraft supports his dear friend Donald Trump. I put this up here not because I have any political views of the matter, but because I thought this was a rather interesting connection.

– Mike Tanier gives out his coveted Forty Awards for the NFL combine.


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