2016 Salary Cap And Tenders Finalized

As GrizzlyB noted earlier, the 2016 salary cap will be at $155.27 million.  ESPN’s Field Yates has also delivered the franchise and transition tags for this year.  Follow the link for all of them, but for the franchise tags even remotely relevant to the Broncos, it would be $14.129 million at linebacker (Von Miller), $15.701 million at defensive end (Malik Jackson), and $19.953 million at quarterback (Brock Osweiler).  Transition tags at DE and QB are respectively $12.734 million and $17.696 million, of which I suppose you could make a faint argument for Jackson or Osweiler.

And finally, Jason Fitzgerald gives us a calculation for the restricted free agent tenders:

The consensus, at least here at Thin Air, is that Brandon Marshall is likely to get a first round tender, and CJ Anderson to receive a second round tender, with it being unlikely that any other pending RFAs would receive any tender.