Broncos Trade Chris Clark To Texans for 7th Round Pick

  • Nick beat me to it. 🙂

    This certainly indicates that the Broncos believe LT Ty Sambrailo will do well as the starter and that some of the younger linemen can back him up.

    Trading Clark clears $1.4M in cap space with just $225,000 in dead money. Every bit helps as the Broncos are likely to think about which players in the final years of their rookie deals are worth extending.

  • Nick

    Well that’s not too bad of a trade–getting not only a 7th but also $1.4M in cap space to continue to build for carryover in 2016. This trade also has to show some confidence from Denver that Schofield can hold down the swing tackle position. There’s also a decent chance Clark just wasn’t fitting well in the ZBS.

    • DocPonderosa

      My thoughts too. The zone blocking system didn’t seem like a fit at LT.

  • bradley

    I’m astonished. I was actually hoping to see him start at LT. Shows how much I know.
    Who does that leave us with besides Schofield as a back up tackle?

    • Kyle Roberts and Charles Sweeton are the remaining backup tackles; both are rookies. Roberts plays left tackle so he might be the favorite to win the backup job behind Sambrailo.

    • Alaskan

      I agree. I was surprised Denver didn’t just plug Clark back in at LT like they did the last time Clady went down in 2013. Seemed like he did an OK job then. Guess either something happened to him in the last 2 years or he just doesn’t fit the new blocking scheme.

    • BlackKnigh

      I am very surprised by this move. I was also expecting him to move into the starting spot at LT. I guess the coaches are thinking that the young guys are ready for work.
      The pickup of Mathis and his playing LG must figure into this – not just financially – but also as a stabilizing factor playing between the 2 young guys.

  • Royalwithcheese

    This boggles the brain. So the plan is to plug in Schofield at LT if times get rough? He’s barely holding his own as a backup RT. Maybe this means Jake Long is coming? I can only hope…

    • Lonestar47

      TY S has been OLT from day one since clady went down with the ones.

      • Royalwithcheese

        I’m not talking about Sambo. I’m worried about the depth behind him. Clark was quality. Is Schofield?

        • Lonestar47

          Clark was marginal at OLT the last time he played there. Not strong on the run and needed a TE to help out on pass protect.

          Certainly not a full time forever starter.

          Schofield and the other OTs still around have more UPSIDE than a tired old vet.

  • Jeremy

    You could make the argument that Clark would have made the roster if we didn’t sign Evan Mathis, which reduces the net signing of Mathis from 4 Million to 2.5 Million in cap space (assuming I’m remembering Mathis’s contract correctly).

    • Lonestar47

      Mathis is 2.5 with escalators to 4 if they are met.

  • babsonjr

    We do seem to be thin at backup for LT. But I trust that Elway has a plan…somehow.

    I’m wondering also if Monte Ball is on the trading block as well now that he’s 4th string. Except he is still on his rookie contract and would not amount to much cap savings.

    • Royalwithcheese

      I’d imagine they are looking to trade Ball, but who wants a guy that couldn’t make it with PFM as his QB? Vic Lombardi is hinting the Broncos aren’t done trading, so we’ll see…

      • CFD1983

        Schofield had a lot of snaps at LT at the start of camp.. Then missed 2 weeks of contact drills…I think he will be fine by the start of the season.. They also like 1 of the rockie OTs. Let’s see who plays what Thursday … That will give us insight to the plan

      • Nick

        I, too, have been thinking Ball could be on the trading block. The team is just so deep at RB, and since I figured Hillman would be the low man on the pole that he would be the trade bait. But that thought has just instead shifted to Ball.

      • Lance Baxter

        Trading Montee Ball is like watching Pawn Stars, where some dude brings in something silly, like panties he claims Elvis sniffed, and wants 10K for it and Rick’s like, naw, I’m not interested in no dirty panties.

        Montee Ball is dirty panties, I don’t think anyone’s going to be interested in buying our dirty panties.

        • SterlingMalloryArcher

          Fans always like to suggest trading players that aren’t performing well when, in reality, they’re the hardest to trade. If they want to deal depth and get anything reasonable in return, they should be looking to trade a player that someone actually wants. In this case it looks like Hillman might fetch better trade compensation than would Ball, based on the success he’s had in the preseason, but I don’t expect they’ll be trading any of them.

  • SterlingMalloryArcher

    I’m surprised by this move as well. With a rookie starting at LT I thought they would definitely want some experience behind him.

    I wonder if they plan to claim a veteran that gets released in the next week. If not, Jake Long may still be a possibility as well.

    I’ll be surprised if they plan to use Schofield or Roberts as the primary backup at LT, but maybe that is indeed the plan.

    • GMik – Broncologist

      Agreed. Total head scratcher for me as Ryan Harris will most assuredly miss time at some point. Clearly this shows confidence in Schofield but I’m hoping that it’s not entirely due to his draft status as a 3rd rounder.

  • ElwayIsGod7

    I believe in Elway, the QB, Almighty, Maker of decisions & roster depth. And in Gary Kubiak, his only Coach, our Lord.

  • John

    I’m not surprised. Clark really doesn’t fit this new scheme too well.

    Also, if Royalwithcheese is correct, and Denver isn’t done dealing, I can see Juwan Thompson or Montee Ball moved to a team like Tennessee that may need another RB.

  • Rhett Rothberg

    Clearly the like Sambo… I do too. Surprised from the depth standpoint. Word I hear is that Schofield doesn’t have it. Must be another shoe about to drop.

    • CFD1983

      Kubiak just said in his press conf. Schofield has impressed and thats why we traded Clark…also Schofield took a lot of reps at LT today and will get LT time Thursday night…..

      • Rhett Rothberg

        Nice, thanks. Well, I guess we shall see.

        Pretty interesting. Looks like the OL backups will be: Garcia, Schofield, Smith and maybe Gradkowski if they keep 9

      • BlackKnigh

        Just read this on the Bronco site. This is going to be a very young OL. Good thing we have 2 very good OGs to stabilize things.
        Sorry to dispute what you are saying RR – but I am thinking that Garland may make it rather than Smith. Guess we will see soon.

  • BlackKnigh

    If the Broncos are really planning on starting Sambo at LT with Clark being held as a backup – this may give him a chance to be a starter in Houston. I wish him well. He certainly plugged a big hole in 2013.

  • Leo Duke

    I think this says less about Sambo, and more about Scho. They obviously trust him to fill the swing tackle role.