Broncos Cutting Roster Down To 75

I imagine some of you will not be happy with the decision to part ways with Spencer Lanning. I can only assume that the Broncos didn’t find anybody they were comfortable with as the holder for PATs and field goals, a role that Colquitt fills.

I am not surprised Dysert is gone. It is pointless to keep four QBs when it’s clear Dysert won’t make the final cut and you need to see what other players can do in the final preseason outing.

The Stewart cut likely means Kapri Bibbs will get his chance to prove himself against Arizona.

Along with placing Jeff Heuerman on IR and the pending trade of Chris Clark, the Broncos have made 12 moves with three more to go.

ETA: Here is the more detailed list of the Broncos’ roster moves as of Monday morning, Aug. 31.

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Bob Morris

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  • Nick

    Personally, I can live with Colquitt for this season after he took the pay cut. I didn’t really think Lanning was going to provide serious competition.

    Dysert I knew was going to be cut, but I figured they’d force him to play the dreadful 4th quarter minutes. Guess they really want to get a lot of work out of Siemian to see what he can do.

    Cutting Joe Don Duncan this early is mildly surprising, since I figured he’d be a candidate for the PS. Everyone else consists of players I hardly could recognize.

    • babsonjr

      So early cuts are not eligible for practice squad? I thought JDD could still make it.

      • Royalwithcheese

        Early cuts are eligible for the PS, but it gives other teams more of a chance to sign them first. JDD will get picked up by another team before it’s time to sign the PS. Just an educated guess.

        • Nick

          Right. If you cut someone with the intention of putting him on the PS, you want to give him as little time as possible to talk with other teams. Duncan could still be on the PS, but this move reduces those odds.

          • bradley

            Or the Broncos are trying to send a message that he sucks. In the NFL, it’s always the lying season.
            Or maybe I’m overthinking things.

          • Nick

            You just might be. : ) Every team has a director of pro scouting that’s scouring the waiver wire at this time of year. Any individual one might take a player for granted, but it’s hard to imagine that 31 of them would make the same mistake.

    • ohiobronco

      Osweiler and Siemian can each get a half now on Thursday. If Siemian gets hurt he can go on IR and save a roster spot. Callous but that is the NFL.

  • ILB Reggie Walker is no longer listed on the Broncos depth chart, so I would assume he has been cut. If so, that would leave two more roster moves the Broncos must make by Tuesday.

    • LH Almeida


  • Yahmule

    I never really thought Duncan was going to make the team. At his size, everybody expects a much better blocker, but he didn’t have that reputation previously. I think he’s sort of a tweener.

  • PiperAR

    I guess that although Joe Don is a physical specimen, he’s far too raw to be of use to the Broncos (or anybody) right now. You aren’t going to get pro level coaching or face quality competition at Dixie State.

  • Carsonic

    I really hope Bibbs shows he’s at least valuable enough to put on the PS again, if not actually make it as 4th RB.

  • A quick check shows that the Broncos have $7.78M in cap space available after making these transactions. Some of that space will be used for practice squad players, although that won’t take up much space.

    • Nick

      They’ll probably add about $1.5M-$2M more in liabilities as four more players will incur official cap costs (two more beyond the Top 51, plus injury replacements for Clady and Heuerman). That number might be lower depending on who they cut.

  • Rhett Rothberg

    I hope they let Brock play the whole 4th game. I think it serves the team little purpose at this point to do otherwise.

    • cjfarls

      I’d give Siemien the 4thQ. God forbid we need him this year, but we still could use to give him some more reps just in case.

      • BlackKnigh

        Agree on giving Siemien the 4th Qtr.

      • Rhett Rothberg

        I’m sure that will happen…. I just think they already screwed themselves on the Brock evaluation by bringing Manning back. That is the only question that matters at the QB position at this point. If Simian is good, if he’s bad, doesn’t matter. If he’s playing in the regular season…said season is over anyway…

        Plus, I was thinking today, if the Broncos are really concerned about hanging on to this guy, and you just hate to waste a roster spot on your 3rd string QB, you want him on the PS…. Then it’s best to stash him, don’t let other teams see him. They know what they have…a few snaps in game 4 won’t make or break this guy at this point.

  • Broncos made another roster move. Two more to go this morning.

    • T. Jensen

      Goodbye Dan Light it was like I never knew you

      • sunsetcolors

        Makes me wonder who holds the record for the shortest stint as a Bronco?

    • BlackKnigh

      Thanks, Bob.

  • Didn’t take long for one former Bronco to find a new team.

    • BlackKnigh

      He may find a home there. He seemed to do better under Adam Gase. Good luck to him.