49ers at Broncos: The 10 Things I Liked and the 10 Things I Didn’t

This game determined which players have a chance to stay on the team before the first cut. 90 players are filling the Broncos roster, and by 4 PM EST on September 1st, 15 of those players will be cut. The first half of the game for most teams in the third preseason game will be first-team players. This either validates or invalidates coaching decision for starters. The second half of the game is focused on who has potential to stay before the cut.

Things I liked:

  1. We got a safety!
  2. 1st team passing defense was unstoppable
  3. Jordan Norwood
  4. The time on ball possession
  5. Special Teams drastically improved
  6. Injury-free game
  7. Low penalty count
  8. Many different receivers today
  9. Juwan Thompson likely sealed the 3rd string RB spot
  10. Going for the 2-point conversion

Things I didn’t like:

  1. DT and Manning were on different pages
  2. NaVorro Bowman got in the backfield too frequently
  3. I guess we forgot Kaepernick can run
  4. Our run defense needs some work
  5. Redzone conversion is still lacking
  6. Lost the turnover game again
  7. 2nd team passing defense was swiss cheese
  8. How does a 6’8″ man get a throw batted at the line of scrimmage?
  9. Montee Ball still can’t find the hole
  10.  Isaiah Burse receiving punts/kickoffs

Bonus video:

  • Carsonic

    I guess it’s time for my unwavering faith in Isaiah Burse to be introduced to the unwavering averageness of his play. 🙁 Maybe he’ll get one more year on the PS to realize his potential?

  • bradley

    Thanks Ray. I agree with all but for one quibble. Going for the two poinet was a no brainer, What I like is that they made it.
    I also really like Darius Kilgo. What a steal! (One of either Zappolo or Lynch made the comment during the game that the coaches, during OTAs, thought he was a bust. But it seems like he’s one of those guys that needs the pads on to show what he can do.)

  • Rollston Frangopoulos

    Sweet play! Unfortunately they didn’t show the game out here in Portland, OR. Thanks for sharing.

    • MattR

      Heading your way for week 1. Any good suggestions for a sports bar to watch the games?

      • Rollston Frangopoulos

        On Deck in NW is probably your best bet. There are other sports bars around, but I’ve ran into quite a few Broncos fans at that one. I recall there’s one in Hillsboro that’s a “Broncos” bar (I’ve not been there as my brother and I usually split buying the NFL Sunday ticket so we watch at home). It was posted on MHR a while back. Usually they do a posting right before the season begins about what cities have Broncos bars and where. Sometimes someone needs to put up a fanshot to remind everybody and then there will be tons of comments about where everyone is.

        GO BRONCOS!!

        • MattR

          Thanks. I have a feeling our decision will be based on whether my friend’s 10 year old son is coming with us. I also have to adjust to the time zone difference coming from the east coast. But I will definitely make sure to keep an eye out for a post/fanshot on MHR.

  • babsonjr

    Re: Brock and batted passes….

    In my uneducated opinion:
    I think the reason Osweiler has had several passes batted down at the LOS despite being 8’3 tall is not that difficult to figure out. When Manning throws, his pass will travel 10-15′ above the ground through the air, and then arc down to fall in the receivers hands at the end of the flight. His passes are described as “soft” or throwing “a catchable ball”. Receivers love these, and despite the slow speed they are difficult for DBs to swat down or intercept because traveling higher in the air. However, timing is absolutely critical for the ball to fall in just the right spot.

    Brock hasn’t achieved that level of mastery yet. He might never get there, but few do. Osweiler throws lasers that travel at high velocity to the target LESS THAN 10′ off the ground. His pass relies more on velocity and green grass than timing to avoid interceptions, but also makes it susceptible to being batted down. The ball is more difficult for the receivers to hang onto also. Brock and Manning are different quarterbacks, for sure. There is a reason Manning is in the discussion for GOAT, his skills not so easily replicated despite his noodle arm.

    • Alaskan

      Your opinion cannot possibly be less educated than mine. But I remember a GOAT who threw lasers at high velocity, so high that his receivers took pride in getting the Elway Cross indented into their skin by the end of the football. I don’t know that John ever had the kind of touch that PFM routinely shows, but he completed a lot of passes. I guess there is more than one way to skin the proverbial cat.

      • BlackKnigh

        I read a few years ago that Vance Johnson still had that Elway Cross in his hands. I remember seeing Elway hitting Shannon Sharpe in the back of the end zone with SS’s back to him. Must have been a 30 yard pass. That was 1994 when Wade Phillips was HC. He did have some touch.

    • ohiobronco

      His sidearm delivery seems more pronounced this year. I wonder if the increases practice/game reps he has seen has resulted in less work on mechanics and a reversion to his natural motion. Probably not something we can expect to change at this point. On one hand he can get away with it at his height, on the other hand it negates some of his height advantage. He looked a bit off in the 3rd quarter, I haven’t seen the 4th quarter yet.

      As for Peyton, I think we are going to have to accept that his passes are not always going to go where is brain wants them to the degree that they have in the past. He needs bigger windows than he has in the past. He is still going to be able to carve up mediocre and below defenses but the bigger games against better defenses are going to have to be more of a team effort.

  • BlackKnigh

    Thanks, Ray. I missed the first quarter and listened to it on KOA online. I appreciate you being the ‘eyes’.

  • LH Almeida

    About Kaep’s big plays, both happened after both Miller and Ware were pulled out of the game, so there’s that.

  • David Huynh

    Why does people feel like 6′ 8″ is that much of a difference. Peyton is 6′ 5″, and the average lineman is about 6′ 5″. 3 inches is nothing, the reason his balls get batted down is because the lineman is too close to his bubble.