Quick Takes: 49ers at Broncos, 2015 Preseason Week 3, 19-12 Win

Hey there, guys, thanks so much for being so welcoming in my first post here filling for Leo.

This is probably my last, so I hope I get the same reception. Then the cut comes, and the starter is back to his job. Without further ado, let’s get to business.

The Elway

-Duncan saved everything in the first seconds of the game

-You can’t stop Von Miller. You can just hope he doesn’t come your way.

-Brandon Marshall brings so much pressure that we can’t say he’s been out for a while.

-Talib is physical, boy.

-Do you have any truck you need to be taken out of your way? CJ can solve that.

-What a second punt, Colquitt. And what a beautiful coverage to down that at the 3, Todd.

-DeMarcus Ware pressure Kaep as there was no tomorrow on the safety.

-Bolden redeemed himself in the safety punt return.

-Jordan Norwood showed more than DT.

-Trevathan is good at analyzing the situation and stopping the run.

-It took Manning and DT 28 minutes to connect for a first down. Better late than never, I guess.

-Our Defense allowed -5 pass yards in all of first half.

-First 49ers play in Broncos Territory was with less than a minute left, and with Von Miller done for the night.

-Only 1 penalty in all of the first half. I loved them cutting down the penalties.

-Shane Ray started the second half strong.

-Kilgo, boy, you are a nice fellow.

-Todd Davis doesn’t miss in the open field.

-Have I already expressed my love for Barret?

-Great attention, Kayvon, unfortunately, the pick was reversed.

-Juwan, welcome to #3 in the Depth Chart.

The Neckbeard

-Bolden wants to be the returner, and fumbles the first return. No good.

-Our RBs suffered with Bowman.

-Manning and Demaryius are still off.

-How do you allow 22 yards in an inside run, boys? Luckily, they didn’t want to go for it.

-What did you do in that pick, Manning?

-In both of Kaepernick’s runs, we had a sack that someone let him slip. This is exactly the kind of play we can’t allow. He got 53 yards in his 3 runs.

-Oh, boy. When will we get a good returner? For bobbles and insecurity, I’d rather have Holliday back.

-I still don’t get how a 6’8″ QB can have his passes tipped at the LoS.

-I saw number 40 out there before 28. That doesn’t bode well for Montee, does it?

-Why didn’t Osweiler take off with the ball when he had all time in the world?

The Tebow

-Sure, McManus missed the 55-yarder, but it was against a really strong wind, so I’ll put it here. And he got a 45-yd in, so I think he is a safe bet. By the way, the 55 one wouldn’t get anywhere as close with Barth kicking it.

-It would be really nice if there wasn’t anyone in front of the camera when the ball is getting there.

-It was as ugly as two blinds fighting with scythes… But I guess a win is a win, right?

-That was the last we saw from our starters, and next Tuesday, the roster will be trimmed down to 70 men. Who do you think won’t survive the cut?

  • Alaskan

    Nice job, LH.
    It is just preseason, but it seems like the Broncos’ days of averaging 30+ points per game may be just a memory.
    Touchdowns are not coming in flocks right now.

    On the other hand, Kaepernick passed for 13 yards.
    The defense is good enough that maybe Denver doesn’t need 30+ points.
    Guess we may watch a lot of 17 – 14 scores.

    As for the cuts, I’d be happy to see both you and Leo doing game analysis.
    There’s enough electrons to go around.

  • Lonestar47

    Colquit teasing us again in the preseason with good punting and then When it counts Mr Shank.
    Let’s hope they toss his ass out.

    For all of those that said DT missing all of the OTAs then Holding out would not matter. LOL.

    Let’s hope it is just a temp issue. I hope I have to eat crow but I’m feeling a primadonna budding.

    So own screwed the pooch on Kaps runs should have been a spy.

    Overall good Job for a virgin.

  • babsonjr

    Thanks LH! I enjoyed the game and the write-up. A few thoughts: Is it just me or did DT seem to be taking some plays off? I didn’t like his energy tonight. The offense was still out of sync, but that is to be expected with the new scheme and new looks the 49’ers were bringing that they didn’t show in practice (according to post-game comments).

    Osweiler is the real deal. I hope they sign him to an extension soon, but if I were him I wouldn’t sign until testing the market.

    Overall, great game. No serious injuries and lots of potential for the season.

  • David Huynh

    Pretty much sums it up. The reason norwood showed up is because he is the #2. He is a mirror player of sanders.

    You guys are crazy to not trust in Manning just because of preseason. Osweiler looked scared in the 3rd and kept dumping it off to Ronnie. Our offense was nilche in the 3rd. I am glad he turned it around and targeted taylor deep.

    • Lance Baxter

      You’re like five months late with that argument. Sterling and Ben took on all Manning defenders, Thunderdome style for what seemed like three weeks. I think the argument has died down with both sides waiting to see who’s predictions bear fruit.

  • MattR

    Still watching the replay on NFL Network. Red zone offense definitely needs some work. Defense looks solid, other than the 2 QB scrambles. A little worried that Manning won’t have great timing/rhythm with both DT and Sanders in the new system when the regular season starts. And also a bit worried because Manning underthrew quite a few mid-range and deep throws. It could be shaking off rust or it could be that his arm strength has not recovered from last year’s (and previous) injuries. He seemed to have plenty of zip on shorter throws so hopefully it is the former, but if it is the latter, this could be a very challenging season.

    Also, roster cuts are to 75 on Tuesday, not 70.

    • LH Almeida

      The timing worries me most. He had a better timing with Norwood than with DT.

      And yeah, 75, my bad. I edit it tomorrow.

  • Nick

    Just finished watching the first half replay on NFL Network. Defense looked absolutely dominant. I thought I was going to be angrier at the offense but after watching they were clearly moving the ball, just stalling in the red zone. I’m optimistic that they’ll be able to figure that out pretty soon, and it’s nice to have the defense cover them in the meantime. I would expect that the first two weeks against the Ravens and Chiefs will continue the low scoring trend on both sides.

  • Lance Baxter

    Number 38 Marsh look Charles Barkley Turrible.

    • Carsonic

      Agree. What a terrible whiff of a tackle late in the game. I’ll be surprised if he makes the team.

  • GmanS05

    I’m most interested to see what happens at the RB position. Anderson shouldn’t play next week. Personally I’m satisfied with Hillman (a minority opinion, I’m sure).
    Will next week be a battle between Ball and Thompson? Will Stewart (4 carries) and Bibbs (0 carries) see action or will one or both be cut this week? Will Bibbs return to the practice squad or do 4 young RBs on the roster make a 5th on the PS unnecessary? Maybe we find out if any of the RBs can return (scratch that; cleanly field) kicks and punts–Maybe they should put Osweiler back to field punts; just tell him to pretend it is a really high snap.

    • LH Almeida

      I lol’d. And after three preseason games building on what he did when he was a starter last season, I really don’t think you’re a minority being satisfied with Hillman.

    • Carsonic

      I agree with LH. You are not in the minority about Hillman. He has finally made the leap to fast AND smart AND tough AND dependable. He’s always been fast, but lacked the toughness and dependability (read: ball security), but I’d be surprised if anyone still holds their breath when he’s on the field any more. I know I don’t.

      • Alaskan

        Hillman rushed 5 for 35. That looks good any time.
        Hard to see anybody saying he doesn’t deserve to see the field this season coming off of a nice preseason. He seems like a nice fit in this offense.

        On the other hand, Montee rushed 4 for 11. I don’t see him getting cut, but he is not likely to see much playing time unless there are injuries or the light finally goes on. It’s nice that Terrell Davis was his hero, but he doesn’t look much like TD at the moment.

    • Rhett Rothberg

      Hillman has been a good example of something I think is interesting in the NFL… People seem to overlook the issue of age. Hillman was drafted at 20/21 years old yet he was expected to immediately perform. Now he has had a few years in the league to just grow as a human. He is still a year younger than Ball… He also doesn’t have the high mileage that Ball does from college. So it should be no real surprise that Hillman is starting to perform like hoped…

      Same issue goes for Os, he was drafted young but expected to be NFL starter ready… Age matters…

      Anyhow, I think Ball might be gone. Word on the street is he is looking slow, kind of like the mileage has caught up to him. If that is the case, he serves little purpose. He’s not a special teamer so he contributes little…

  • Carsonic

    Good points, LH, but I think I’d have to put “It took Manning and DT 28 minutes to connect for a first down.” alongside its companion comment in Neckbeard.

    Another thing I’d add to Neckbeard is Bubba Caldwell starting to act like he wants to make the team again. Sure it looks fine in the pre-season, but is he going to go all useless on us again when it counts?

    • drewthorn

      I find all the Caldwell contempt interesting and a little misguided. He did have an off year last year. That happens to almost any player that has had any sort of career. But the guy was pure money in 2013 and pretty damn solid and reliable before that. I haven’t seen anything consistent from any other player that suggests a definitive upgrade. Depth players, by nature, are rarely mind bending awesome and infallible.

  • orangeandblueaussie

    Did Bennie Fowler not play? I may have missed some news. It seemed that a lot of players (eg Palmer & Taylor) got more playing time which is weird because Fowler has been the stand out WR so far this pre-season. Do they want to stash him on PS or something??

    I think the cuts this week will include veterans that they won’t be able or want to stash on the practice squad. Plus guys that might stand a decent chance to get a run with another team. Guys like Reggie Walker, Zac Dysert, Josh Bush, Lerentee McCray and maybe even Ben Garland.

    If Jarryd Hayne gets cut by the 49ers I hope we pick him up off waivers. We need a good returner.

    • bradley

      Fowler had no catches. I don’t recall seeing him on the field.

      • orangeandblueaussie

        Yeah I knew he had no catches which is why I asked. He certainly wasn’t targeted. I found it odd that he didn’t seem to be on the field, and thought maybe someone in Denver had heard of an injury or some such thing.

      • Russ

        Fowler played most of the 2nd half, didn’t get any targets.

  • bradley

    Give the Niners D a lot of credit – they will be a lot better than I figured after all the losses in the off season. I saw an MSM article a few days ago that had the Niners D ranked number 1 in the league, and now I see why.
    Good to see Juwann have a good game – 4 rushes for 15 and a TD; 3 receptions for 19.
    Our ones held Kaep to 13 yards on 5 passes.
    Norwood makes the team. He can be the PR – just needs some work with the Juggs machine.

    • orangeandblueaussie

      Agreed on Norwood. He’s been getting open all pre-season. He might challenge Latimer for playing time if he doesn’t pick his game up.

  • Royalwithcheese

    On the sacks, the first one is on Hillman. He stepped up into a gap where there was no pressure and missed a blitzer coming through another gap. I guess you could say the second is on CJ, but Bowman timed the snap so perfectly, he didn’t even have time to get in front of him. I’m almost inclined to say that one’s on Manning. Don’t remember the third.

    On what should’ve been a TD pass to Latimer, did anyone see if that was a blown assignment on the pressure?

    This was not a good defense they were facing last night. I’m sure Suggs and company will be much tougher. Bottom line: Peyton just can’t play like that again. His passes were so off the mark to DT. He missed Daniels uncovered in the end zone. Had another pass batted down at the LOS.

    Also: another game, another 20-yard FG. Is Fox still around? This isn’t how you win in the NFL.

    Finally, what’s up with the second-half play-calling? Seemed Brock was running Peyton’s offense. There were very few, if any, zone runs and play-action off of the ZB.

    • MattR

      He missed Daniels uncovered in the end zone.

      Not sure how much it applies to that play, but it reminds me of an article I read 5 or so years ago discussing how the best QB’s in the league were so good with their pre-snap reads that sometimes it leads them to miss a player that becomes wide open due to a blown coverage by the defense because the QB had shifted that player down in his progression based on the defense he saw before the snap. OTOH, a lesser QB who is less sure of his pre-snap reads may scan the entire field which will allow him to notice the wide open receiver (but it also means he is not quite in rhythm with the rest of his throws)

    • GmanS05

      On the pass to Latimer I think it was just too many men to block–which is how Manning described it post game. Owen Daniels was wide open; it is possible that he should have stayed in to block, but (to my untrained eyes, at least) it didn’t look like the offensive line expected him to stay in. It looked like Ryan Harris stayed outside to block and the pressure came from inside and if Harris had been expecting Daniels to block then I assume Harris would have blocked down/inside.

      • MattR

        Just rewatched that and it was essentially 7 rushers on 5 blockers. Not sure if Daniels was supposed to stay in and block. Tough to tell from Harris’s reaction since he ended up being responsible for three defenders and chose the middle one leading to a free rusher on both sides of him. It is possible that Daniels was responsible for the outside guy. But if not, then it is definitely on Manning that he didn’t notice Daniels completely uncovered and wide open.

        There was also a protection breakdown on the left side of the line on that play. Sambrailo tried to block the OLB and left the S free inside him. The RB leaked out for a pass on that side so the OLB went with him leaving Ty with no one to block and the S with a free run at Manning (though he ended up being the third player to arrive due to the overload on the other side). Without knowing the specific responsibilities of each player, it is hard to tell if Sambrailo screwed up by trying to block the OLB or if the RB screwed up by flaring out for a pass instead of picking up the blitzing safety.