Tonight’s Patriots-Colts game featured probably the most laughably bad play anyone has seen in the NFL in the last decade, if not longer.

The Colts tried a gadget play on fourth down, seemingly in an attempt to draw the Patriots offsides, and two guys were left alone against five Patriots.

However, the Colts snapped the ball when they weren’t supposed to and, of course, the Patriots got the tackle. On top of that, the Colts were called for illegal formation, which the Patriots declined and got the ball in great field position.

Here’s Chris Burke with the screen shot.

The Patriots scored several plays later to go up 34-21.

Care to weigh in, Chris Harris?

Yeah, that sums it up. LOLColts.

Quick Broncos-Browns Game Stuff From Twitter

I don’t have any particular thoughts about the game because I had to listen to it on KOA, but here are a few tweets worth sharing.

* Shaq Barrett had quite a day.

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Fun With Streaks, Cleveland Browns Edition

There are a few streaks regarding the Broncos that I always keep in mind.  The proudest ones, of course, regard shutouts: the Broncos have never been shut out at home, and haven’t been shut out period since 1992, by far the longest active streak.  For a while, I had also observed that the Broncos had never lost to the Cardinals–until 2010 (Josh McDaniels, you are not missed).

But for this week, it’s all about the Broncos’ historical dominance over the Browns.

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Nevada Rules Daily Fantasy Is Gambling

This shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody who has discussed the subject here.

Nevada is just a single (small) state, and daily fantasy sites will still make gobs of money without it. But Nevada certainly wields outsized influence in matters of gambling, and this is an especially unwelcome time for this ruling considering that both the FBI and the Department of Justice have opened probes into the legality of daily fantasy.

As some might say, we’ve only just begun.

PFF: Broncos Defensive Line Best In NFL

Pro Football Focus ranked the Broncos defensive line the best in the NFL.

That shouldn’t be surprising to anyone here. But it’s worth noting that the Broncos have faced three of PFF’s top 10 D-lines (granted, one could argue putting the New York Jets on the list instead of Minnesota) and will face another one after the Broncos’ bye.

So while it’s true the offensive line has its issues, let’s not forget in the first five weeks of the season, the Broncos have had to face three defenses with great talent up front.

Did Tony Carter File A Grievance Against The Broncos?

Earlier today, Jason Fitzgerald at Over The Cap notified me of a salary cap charge that the Broncos incurred today. In doing the math and looking at some team history that I’ll explain beyond the fold, the best guess as to what this cap charge is all about is that former Bronco Tony Carter may have filed a grievance against the team. Continue reading Did Tony Carter File A Grievance Against The Broncos?

Midweek Musings: Browns Best Chance To Get Run Game Going

Whenever we talk about the Denver Broncos meeting up with the Cleveland Browns, there’s one thing that never gets old: Reminiscing about this and this.

Of course, that was a long time ago and, as much as we pick on Marty Schottenheimer, I don’t think there’s a Browns fan out there who wouldn’t welcome back those days of Martyball, because at least the Browns got to the playoffs. This version of the Browns has brought more disappointment than hope.

This seems like another season in which Browns fans are getting flickers of hope, and that’s because there is talent on this team. It just happens that the weak links on the team stand out badly and make it difficult for the Browns to beat other teams.
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